Serena Williams’ 10 Unforgettable Nike Tennis Outfits: The Oral History

It’s no question that Serena Williams has dramatically changed women’s sports. Her leadership on and off the court has led to more diversity and inclusion in tennis — with young Black stars such as Coco Gauff and Naomi Osaka following in her footsteps. Her grit and tenacity allowed for a nearly 30-year professional tennis career, earning her the title of the G.O.A.T — or the greatest of all time.

From her denim mini skirt at the 2004 US Open to this year’s diamond encrusted sneakers, Williams also challenged the status quo when it came to her on-court fashion statements.

As the tennis star wraps up this incredible chapter in sport, Carly Ellis, Nike’s apparel design lead, reminisces about 10 unforgettable Nike looks worn by Williams through the years.

“There are no words that can summarize the pressure and responsibility that comes with designing a piece of history, for the greatest of all time,” Ellis told FN. “But every moment I have spent on Serena’s looks, even in times of pressure and problem solving, are a delight to be relished for the rest of my life.”

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