Loewe Spring Summer 2023 Men’s Collection

Nature and technology meet within a glaringly white, mind-expanding environment at Loewe’s spring/summer 2023 menswear show in Paris on Saturday. Designer Jonathan Anderson intertwined tech relics—earphones, a pen drive, a phone case—on a leather coat. Chia plants and cats wort grow on coats, sweatshirts, sweatpants and running shoes. According to Loewe, the plants that have been grown on a series of garments and shoes are the result of an experimental process developed in collaboration with Paula Ulargui Escalona. The idea is that over time the pieces merge with nature. They took 20 days to reach the desired level of growth in a specially constructed polytunnel on the outskirts of Paris. They require regular watering and maintenance to ensure a runway-ready appearance.

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