Dockers x Transnomadica Spring 2022 Campaign

Dockers is celebrating spring with a new collaboration. The brand tapped Maurizio Donadi, founder of vintage workwear and fashion archive Transnomadica, for a reimagining of its original 1980s pleated pleated khakis.

“It wasn’t supposed to be street wear, or a fashion pant,” Donadi said of the Dockers khakis. “It was just a comfortable casual pant for every day. Affordable, well made, built to last. Just a democratic pair of pants, no distinction.”

The Dockers x Transnomadica collection is inspired by the idea of timeless, durable staples and not of-the-moment trends, Donadi added. “My approach to design is never on the present, but on what stuff could be once it’s lived in and used, hopefully for a very long time.”

The campaign sees the pants with companion pieces in the collection like a woven shirt, a mock neck fleece, an unconstructed cotton twill blazer, a khaki twill fishtail parka and a khaki cotton T-shirt. The looks are coordinated with chunky sneakers, low-top retro-inspired sneakers and other styles.

Donadi and Transnomadica also collaborated on the Dockers Vintage collection, a curation of ’80s and ’90s khaki styles with sustainability in mind.

“Opportunities to resurface pieces of our heritage come up so often, and I think that speaks to the timelessness of this brand,” said Nick Rendic, Dockers global head of design. “Classic will always be relevant, and that’s something Dockers has always done well.”

The Dockers x Transnomadica collection ($70-$359) and Dockers Vintage are available on Dockers.com and RonHerman.com.

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