Amina Muaddi Pairs Her Bestselling Heels With Fall 2022’s Top Trends For FN’s September Cover Shoot

FN’s September issue cover star Amina Muaddi knows what women want. That is likely a big reason why the designer has become her own pop culture force these days, with a powerhouse social media presence that rivals the celebs who wear her heels. She is, after all, the shoe designer to Rihanna and a creative bon vivant whose digital footprint showcases a carefully curated life, full of glamorous outfits, sexy parties, exotic vacations and beauty looks executed to perfection. The designer has effectively become the best face for her brand, a case study in the art of self-marketing that fashion creatives now know comes with the territory of helming a top position.

Here, Muaddi pairs her bestselling, collector-worthy heels with some of fall ’22’s top fashion trends.

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