How to Be an Under Armour Product Tester

On a morning run, have you ever noticed how your sneakers manage to grip the ground with every step? Or the way your leggings move with you? Maybe you’ve thought about how your long-sleeved shirt keeps you warm during winter workouts without overheating you. Of course, the best fitness apparel brands have the top technology at their fingertips, but much more than that goes into perfecting new products. The human touch is crucial and you can thank product testers for giving priceless feedback that helps shape whatever you’re wearing.

Plenty of brands rely on product testers to maximize their offerings, including Under Armour. “It is a valuable tool for Under Armour to test and learn with direct consumer feedback so that we can continue to build the most innovative products for the Focused Performer, and as such, there are processes in place to maintain the integrity of the program and its goals,” says an Under Armour representative.

To ensure 100% satisfaction on all of their offerings, Under Armour has a guarantee on all of their gear, called the Universal Guarantee of Performance (UGOP) stamp. Their product testing program helps ensure that every single item they offer lives up to the UGOP stamp.

So, exactly what does it take to become a product tester for Under Armour? The best part is that you can sign up here. “There is a vetting process to ensure the testers that are chosen match our product testing needs,” an Under Armour representative says. “It also involves using the product and providing timely and detailed product feedback. In some cases, the product needs to be returned at the end of the test, so the testers don’t always get to keep the product.”

Under Armour’s product testing program is called the “Field Testing Program.” The rigorous process uses real athletes at a range of different levels to put their products to the test, including apparel, footwear, and accessories. Testers share their feedback about its performance with Under Armour’s design and product teams so that they can consider their experiences and use them to improve the products, ensuring they reach the highest standard.

Read on to learn about the how to become an Under Armour product tester and the experience.

How do I apply to be an Under Armour product tester?

Aspiring testers apply on the Under Armour website here. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for the program. Potential testers are asked to fill out basic information, including your size, the sports you play, the level of sports activity, and workout conditions.

To up your chances of being selected for product testing, be sure to fill out the complete profile and be honest. If Under Armour offers any additional questionnaires, fill those out promptly to show that you’re serious and excited about potentially participating. In the application, sell yourself on why you’re a great person to test their product, piquing their attention and giving them a reason to pick you.

Once the application is complete, if Under Armour wants to move forward, they will contact you and let you know if you’ve been approved to participate in a test for the Field Testing Program. Sometimes it takes a while to be chosen to participate, so make sure that your profile is completed and up to date.

Keep in mind that not everyone who applies is accepted, but since the application process is easy, it’s worth a shot.

How are Under Armour product testers selected?

Each product requires a different test and testers are chosen based on the needs of that criteria and the specific demographic they are looking for. This can include your sports activity and level of experience, how often you play, your size, and your geographical location. Athletes are selected based on whether they match the test product requirements.

An Under Armour Field Test Analyst screens a database of potential testers to source the best match for each product. After the potential testers have confirmed their interest in participating, the Field Test Analyst narrows it down and chooses the final roster of participants.

How does product testing work?

If your application for Under Armour’s Field Testing Program is approved, they will send you the product that is under review. This can be anything from a pair of sneakers to a hoodie, T-shirt—you name it. Then you’ll use the product like you would any other pair of sneakers, or whatever the item is. The testing time range varies, but it’s typically for a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the project. You will receive all of the details before you start.

You’ll share your experiences with the product, typically on the fit, comfort, durability and performance. You may be asked to keep a daily journal online to record your thoughts on the product, including where you wore the item, for how long, and what you did in it. Feedback can be collected in a range of ways, including online surveys, sharing photos, or via email, phone or video conversations. To increase your chances of being chosen for another project, it’s best to give as much detailed feedback as possible with your reviews. At the end of the trial, you’ll usually need to return the sample so that the company can test it for wear and tear and evaluate how it has held up over the testing process.

What are the benefits of participating in Under Armour’s Field Testing Program?

It’s pretty cool to know that your input is helping to create the final product. And getting to test it out before it hits the market is a fun perk. Knowing that your experience helped to shape the final look and performance of the item and that it will eventually be used around the world is exciting. Helping to set the standards of Under Amour is a bonus in itself.

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