Top Rated Face Masks You Didn’t Know About

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Trying to find the perfect face mask is a lesson in trial and error — lucky for you though, reviewers on Amazon are helping make the decision a whole lot easier.

As we adjust to the new normal of masks, customers have begun offering comments and thoughts on masks across the site; some designs have earned over 25,000 reviews and counting. While the market may be filled with thousands of options now, FN is here to help and rounded up a selection of the top-rated face masks you can buy now on Amazon.com.

Read on to find what people who have tested theses masks out have to say.

Jointown Face Masks

Disposable face masks are handy to keep around in the car, at home and on-the-go; this set of 50 masks has earned itself over 25,000 impressive reviews on Amazon as users rave about how easy to wear they are and the secure protection they offer.

Customer Review: “Not only well-made for a disposable mask but quite comfortable – they fit over both nose and mouth, and the ear loops don’t bother me at all, even with glasses on all day too. AND THEY STAY ON, unlike some of the masks that droop and require putting your hands near your face to pull them back into place. These stay put until you take them off.” — EM

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Levi’s Face Masks

Though Levi’s is known for its top-of-the-line denim, its face masks racked up over 1,000 Amazon reviews; they come in a mix of three colors and patterns for fun wear with options for small or large sizes to best fit your face.

Customer Review: “After multiple washes and weeks of wearing there have been zero issues with shrinkage or falling apart. The masks are well constructed, and will last a long time. We are so pleased with these Levi’s masks, I ordered additional ones.” — Amazon Cusomer

face mask, amazon, top rated, best face masks, neck gaiter, shop
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Yiiza Face Masks

With their subtle heart design, these masks from Yiiza break away from the pack and offer on-trend style. Formed from high-quality cotton, they absorb moisture for outdoor use and can be washed for continuous wear.

Customer Review: “I’ve had so many people comment on how cute they are. They are VERY comfortable. You hardly notice you are wearing them. The part that hooks behind your ears is perfect. They don’t hurt, they stay on really well, but are soft and cushioned so your ears don’t hurt like other masks. They wash really well (I hand washed mine before I wore them), and don’t lose their shape.” — RESA

face mask, amazon, top rated, best face masks, neck gaiter, shop
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Mission Neck Gaiter

As the weather warms up, you can help your body stay cool and safe with this neck gaiter from Mission. It rises up over the mouse and nose with its stretchy fabric, staying chilled for up to two hours and earning it over 3,500 reviews. Providing UPF-50 sun protection, you can wear it in direct sunlight without worry.

Customer Review: “I am able to easily breathe comfortably with this mask on over my mouth and nose. It feels cool while I hike in the hot sun. I know it’s important to wear a mask to slow the spread. This neck gaiter mask makes it more comfortable to keep myself and others safe outdoors.” — L

face mask, amazon, top rated, best face masks, neck gaiter, shop
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

EnerPlex Face Masks

For anyone with a bigger head or thick facial hair, these masks are the ones for you. They range in size up to Extra Large, fitting over even the longest of beards with ease; the inner lining uses a fine cotton blend as well to soak up sweat and keep your face dry while you safely breathe outdoors.

Customer Review: “These are the best masks I’ve found! I ordered the XL size to fit my ample dome. I have a HUGE face and my beard only exacerbates things. Hat size 7 5/8”, beard is usually 5-6” off my chin. How HUGE is your face if these masks are too small? You must be a cartoon or some sort of animated caricatures. These masks would fit Jay Leno’s chin! These masks would cover Adrian Brodie’s big ol’ honker! These masks would even fit OJ Simpson’s gargantuan noggin! Great buy, and I would buy again!” — CC

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Universal Face Masks

Providing a comfortable barrier against airborne particles, these masks utilize 100% cotton material. The dual-layer design includes a thicker outer shell for a full barrier with a snug fit across the nose bridge to reduce fogging of glasses — and over 3,300 reviewers on Amazon approved of its design.

Customer Review: “Just bought a 2nd order as these are so good. They fit well, easy to wash, constructed well and allow you to add additional filtration if you want. Product arrived sooner than estimated which is great.” — L

face mask, amazon, top rated, best face masks, neck gaiter, shop
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

AstroAI Face Mask

In this mask, two one-way discharge valves allow air to flow out as well as allows for heat and moisture to escape with ease. Added four-layer filters works to remove dust, impurities and more particles from the air, too, with soft nose pads for cushioning during wear.

Customer Review: “This masks stay right where you place it the loops for your ears is just the right size and don’t hurt your ears the back neck straps lock in place with Velcro very well . breathing is easy . I found that I didn’t fog my glasses with my breath because of the exit value you can feel that your inhale air is filtered because you can feel that it is pulling the mask closer to your face. Very easy to change the filter and very comfortable to have on for long times We use on a plane ride for 2 1/2 hours and one person fell asleep for most of the trip.” — GM

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

StringKing Face Masks

Over 1,500 Amazon reviewers deemed these masks a must-have, offered in small sizes for kids up to large sizes for adults. The American-made cotton material filters out droplets in the air but still remains breathable and soft on the skin.

Customer Review: “This review in coming from a healthcare worker. The mask is great. The fabric is soft and it gives great coverage while staying in place. I have several different masks but this one is my favorite.” — GLB

face mask, amazon, top rated, best face masks, neck gaiter, shop
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

BeatBasic Face Masks

For those looking for a bolder design, BeatBasic lives up to its name with these printed masks. They feature an adjustable nose bridge to create a firm fit with soft and durable cotton fabric for aerating protection during wear.

Customer Review: “These masks are perfect. They fit so nice to my face and are well made. I don’t have to constantly keep adjusting it or pinching it back up. They’re super cute and nicely made. There’s a small piece of metal sewn into the nose/ cheek area that helps it stay close to your face comfortably. If they come in stock again I might order more just to be able to leave one in my car, my husband’s car, and at work.” — MB

face mask, amazon, top rated, best face masks, neck gaiter, shop
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Cubcoats Face Mask

Two layers of cotton turn these cute masks into a comfortable design for kids to wear all day long. A metal nose piece allows for a more firm seal with elastic ear straps to stretch as you move.

Customer Review: “I bought these for my 2 year old. He LOVES them. I struggled with getting him to wear other masks but he thought these were so fun and put it on proudly. Great idea! I got them very quickly (no wait at all!) and just in time for my city’s reopening. These masks give my the peace of mind I’ve been looking for. Highly recommend!” — MM

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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