Breaking Down ‘Ted Lasso’ Character’s Most Stylish Moments

“Ted Lasso” is generally known for its humorous and heart-warming quips, and of course, soccer (or football, depending on where you hail from), but the Apple TV+ hit has also had its share of fashion moments.

From Keeley Jones to Rebecca Welton to Roy Kent and the infectiously optimistic Coach Lasso, himself, the Emmy Award-winning show — which is now in its third and final season — features a stylish cast of characters. Keeley, played by Juno Temple, is often seen in flamboyant looks grounded by glamorous platform shoes. Meanwhile, Rebecca, portrayed by Hannah Waddingham, typically dons sleek dresses, suits and coats. As for the men, they keep things pretty dapper.

See below a full breakdown of notable outfits worn by “Ted Lasso” characters throughout the popular series.

 Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham in the season 3 premiere of Ted Lasso
Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham in the season 3 premiere of ‘Ted Lasso.’

In the new season of “Ted Lasso,” which the first episode debuted on March 15, Temple wore a very Keeley-esque ensemble complete with vibrant colors and a bit of sparkle. She donned a black suit with colorful accents and a crop top with a bejeweled belt. Waddingham’s Rebecca, who owns the soccer team, went a bit more classic, dressed in a white blouse tucked into a black skirt with a creamy, pale pink coat on top.

Juno Temple as Keeley Jones, ted lasso, tweed blazer, bodycon dress
Juno Temple as Keeley Jones.

In another scene of the episode, Temple channeled Keeley in a deep pink tweed collarless blazer featuring a cropped silhouette with a charcoal gray bodycon minidress and black tights. While her shoes aren’t seen here, it’s a safe bet to say she was wearing a pair of soaring high heels.

TED LASSO, Hannah Waddingham, Carol of the Bells', (Season 2, ep. 204, aired Aug. 13, 2021). photo: ©Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection
Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton in season 2 of ‘Ted Lasso.’

Back to season two’s holiday episode, Rebecca was seen wearing a forest green checked blazer and dark skinny jeans with a beige scarf and navy blue high-top sneakers. A retro-inspired gray flat cap completed the casual ensemble.

Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt, ted lasso 'No Weddings and a Funeral, ted lasso season two, ted lasso
Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt suit up in the second season.

In season two, a more dramatic episode saw Coach Lasso and Coach Beard slipping into their best suits and sleek dress shoes, with Beard topping things off with a newsboy-style hat.

Juno Temple and Brett Goldstein, ted lasso Make Rebecca Great Again, ted lasso season one
Juno Temple and Brett Goldstein in the first season in 2020.

In a bold look from the first season, Keeley wore a green dress featuring a black feathered shawl. Meanwhile, Roy Kent donned a black blazer over a navy shirt with dark jeans.

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