Best Social Distancing Signs for Businesses, Stores and Offices

Proper social distancing can be achieved through maintaining at least six feet of space between you and another person, according to health care professionals.

Unless you have been quarantining with a specific person like a significant other, friend, or family member, you should do your best to keep this distance from others in any public setting. From grocery stores to retail cash register lines to work and even doctor’s offices, social distancing is the new standard. It helps prevent the spread of germs and gives everyone the right amount of personal space to feel safe. Especially as more states and storefronts begin to reopen, social distancing is more important than ever to help continue the reduction in cases and hospitalizations across the country.

For restaurant or business owners and retailers alike, FN rounds up a series of well-designed signs for your walls, doors, windows, and even your floors to help remind clientele of proper spacing rules in any situation.

Floor Stickers: ExcelMark

Available for single purchases or packs of five, these floor decals mark exactly where one should stand while waiting to maintain social distancing. They can be placed on the ground in any business with their ultra-tough base and slip-resistant textured surface. The 11-inch diameter stickers are made to stand up to water, scratches and tears as well.

excel mark, floor sticker
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Bulk Floor Stickers: Pro-Graphx

Pro-Graphx’s decals come in a pack of 20, so you have replacements to be placed wherever you need. They can be applied on many floor surface. Formulated with an air-release liner, these stickers resist bubbles and air pockets — if they get creased up you can easily fix them by simply heating up the area with a heat gun or hairdryer.

pro graphx, floor sticker, social distance
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Carpet Markers: Gold Hook

Created with heavy-duty vinyl, these markers are specifically designed for carpeted floors. They are coated with an anti-slip top layer to keep your customers safe. The adhesive is less powerful than that of stickers for hardwood floors, as to not damage any carpets or rugs, but is strong enough to be stepped on without withering, peeling or fading.

carpet, floor market, social distance
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Hanging Sign: MySignCraft

This subtle sign measures in at only 3.5-inches by 8-inches for a sign that easily hangs over door handles and hooks, alerting anyone who is about to enter your building/room to maintain a proper distance. The lettering is bold with a graphic font for quick reading as a satin finish allows you to easily wipe it clean at the end of the day.

hanging sign, social distance
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Workplace Sign: Lean Manufacturing Posters

Available in multiple sizes and options to choose between thicker posters or adhesive signs, this product sends a clear message. It details out proper steps to follow when returning to the workplace for your employees and any guests. While promoting public safety, it also reassures workers and visitors with a calming message at the end too.

workplace, social distance, sign
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Distancing Tape: Incom Manufacturing

Branded with the words “Maintain Distance” repeated over again, this tape provides a versatile way to mark surfaces. It can be attached to floors to demonstrate 6 feet of space, placed on doors to advise any who may enter or used on surfaces and shelves for continuous reminders. It is slip-resistant as well for use on the ground.

social distance, tape, sign
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Aluminum Sign: SignMission

SignMission’s rust-free aluminum sign employs commercial-grade materials for durability. It includes pre-drilled mounting holes for quick placement with clear fonts and tall lettering. Guaranteed corrosion free for life, it can be attached to fences, walls, doors or construction areas.

alumnium, sign, message
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Pyramid Sign: Vista Flags

Stand out with this pyramid-shaped sign with an important yet well-designed message. It measures up 2-feet wide by 3-feet tall so it can stand on its own on the ground or can be propped up on a table or countertop. The fade-resistant ink and waterproof material make this product ideal for both indoor or outdoor use.

pyramid sign, sign, social distance
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Smiling Markers: Yak

Yak’s floor decals prove that you can still keep a positive attitude and show your gratitude for your customer’s distancing. They are slip-resistant with a peel-and-stick functionality, measuring 16-inches in diameter.

smiling sign, social distancing
Yak's social distancing floor signs.
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Standing Sign: Signworld

This double-sided standing sign is unmissable as customers enter your space. Unlike a poster or a wall sign, it can be placed in a more central location for complete coverage with reminders. Standing almost 5-feet tall, it offers a poignant message for any type of venue.

standing sign, social distance
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One-Way Markers: Kenco Store

Stores have taken to turning their aisles into one-way directions to maintain the flow of foot traffic without crowding the narrow walkways. Alert customers of new directions with these social distance-accented floor signs with clear arrows.

one way marker, kenco
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Bright Sign: Sigo Signs

Employing a bright yellow color, this sign is a can’t-miss way to remind clientele to social distance. Finished with a UV-protected coating, it can be placed indoors or outdoors without fading. Pre-drilled holes make for easy attaching while the size and message can be clearly understood without coming off too aggressive.

sigo sign, bright sign
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Comprehensive Wall Signs: Source One 

Getting all of your messages across with these three important reminders. You can purchase all of these sticky graphics to remind customers, employees, and whoever enters the space to socially distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands. As the key ways to control and decrease the spread of Coronavirus, this set makes it easy to get your walls in order to keep everyone safe while indoors. They are made out of plastic with an adhesive backing and are available in either a 6-pack (2 of each) or a 24-pack (8 of each).


Table Marker: Graphical Warehouse

For restaurants and coffee shops, you may need to adjust or remove seating to allow for the correct amount of space between diners. These signs can be used to designate which tables are open or out of use so you don’t constantly have to repeat the order to every new person walking in the door. Gloss lamination turns these stickers into cleanable surfaces, too.

table marker, sign
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Bilingual Markers: Fantasy Golf Cards

Language shouldn’t have to be a barrier between safety and social distancing. Invite all your customers to stand and wait in the proper format with this bilingual message with a tear-resistant fabrication that can stand up to both outdoor and indoor placement.

bilingual sign, social distance
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Mask Sticker: Antonio Cabrera Home

In addition to keeping a proper distance, some companies and stores may prefer to require guests to wear face masks as well. Let your customers know the drill with this small adhesive sticker that fits perfectly in the window of your door. Plus, its bright yellow color and fun graphic attract attention in a way that packs a powerful punch.

mask sticker, sign, social distance
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Entryway Sign: Sigo Signs

For those who need a refresher, this sign provides the three vital procedures that all who enter your space must take to stay safe. With the bold lettering and clear instructions, the ‘notice’ header will grab visitors’ and employees’ attention. This sign will make all of those gathering for appointments or errands accountable for bringing a face-covering along to wear, keep their distance from another while inside, and bring or use provided hand sanitizer to keep the vicinity clean. This product is made from durable plastic or aluminum and is offered in various sizes. While it comes with no holes, they can easily be punched in to mount the item.


Countertop Sign: XL Printing

For store-owners, doctor offices, or business workspaces, these signs speak from themselves to remind those who enter to keep themselves and others around them safe. Place these easy to read signs at the front desk, entryway, and checkout counter to hold everyone around accountable. This highly visible cue reminds all parties to take these necessary precautions before entering or as they’re about to leave your business location. By social distancing and covering your face with a mask, you’re drastically helping those in close proximity.



Outdoor Sign: Smart Sign

While it may be a lower risk than gathering in enclosed spaces, these outdoor signs are a friendly reminder to those getting too close to each other when socializing or running errands in the fresh air. Made from durable plastic and designed to withstand the elements for 1-3 years, this bright red sign will be eye-catching to anyone within six feet or farther away. This should be resistant to water and common cleaning agents. The sign itself has no pre-existing holes, but, if you want to hang it up, you should have no problem punching in the needed marks and mounting it to the wall. You also can keep it in a pre-slotted frame if you choose.



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