How to Become a Shein Product Tester and Get Free Clothes

When you want the hottest trends that are fresh off the runway, you don’t have to break the bank to get them—you just have to shop at affordable fast-fashion brand Shein. That’s why it’s no surprise that Shein is now one of the largest online-only fashion company across the globe. Shein’s prices truly can’t be beat and they add thousands of styles to their site daily, so there’s always plenty of browsing to do. And becoming a Shein product tester is one way to indulge in all of the fabulous fashion.

Shein is famous for taking trendy pieces and looks from high-end designers and putting their affordable spin on them. Just when you thought their prices couldn’t get any lower, you can actually nab their clothes for free if you become a Shein product tester. Find out how to make that happen, plus everything you need to know about becoming a Shein product tester.

What is a Shein Free Trial?

Shein Free Trial is the brand’s product tester program. The platform allows for customers to try out new clothes for free and review them on the Shein website. Testers can keep the clothes for free in exchange for writing a detailed review about their entire experiences, by elaborating on the quality, style, fit, fabric and construction. Shein created this program to improve their brand through detailed customer feedback and reviews, for all customers to see.

How do you apply to the Shein Free Trial program?

Any non-blocked accounts are eligible for the Shein Free Trial program. Customers are eligible to apply for Free Trials up to three times per week, so make you have enough left that week before applying. To select your Free Trial items, click “Free Trial” in the pulldown menu on a specific piece. Next, fill out your mailing address and clothing size. Hit “Submit” and wait to see if you were chosen.

How are Shein Free Trial winners chosen?

Free Trial testers are chosen through Shein’s automated system. The system takes into account testers’ activity levels with previous Free Trials. The system also considers whether the customer is a potential buyer, how much they have purchased in the past, and their performance with previous Free Trials.

Once winners are selected for a Free Trial, Shein will process the order and ship it to them for free. If it hasn’t been received by 30 days, contact them at freetrial@shein.com. Additionally, contact the Shein team as soon as possible if there are any quality issues, designs defects, or conflicts with your free trial.

After you have been chosen to receive a free trial item, the item can’t be changed. You can’t cancel it or apply for an alternative piece.

What is a Shein trial report?

If customers are selected to participate in the Shein Free Trial program, they must submit a report that’s a review on the item within 10 days of receiving it. Once they have the product, they can see for themselves the texture, fit and feel, and share their feedback on that, as well as how they felt wearing the garment. Reports are also expected to include commentary on the material, texture and overall product quality with detailed descriptions. Include details that you wish you had known about the item if you were the one considering purchasing it. Customers should be sure to include the pros and cons of each item; it’s key to provide both positive and negative feedback. It’s also important to be honest with your feedback and share your opinion openly. This helps other customers know what to expect when ordering an item and shopping at Shein.

Photos are also necessary to complete the report. Be sure to take full-length and detailed shots of your outfit. Shein recommends posting four photos that are clearly in focus and show off details of the item, and are in good taste. These photos should include a full body view, detailed shots of the items, how you styled the piece, and what you liked most about it. Make sure to take your own photos for your Free Trial report; never post website photos or other customers’ photos. Those who do so will be banned from the free trial program. Using a fake account to apply for Free Trial products to get additional free trials will also get you banned from the program. When people are caught, their orders will be canceled, the items won’t be sent out and their accounts will be deleted.

If the review report doesn’t meet the requirements, no points will be awarded. For review reports that meet the requirements, 20 points will be awarded. The best reviews will be marked as “High Quality” and be given extra Shein points, with an additional 100 points.

How does the Shein Free Trial work?

When browsing through items, select your item for Free Trial by clicking “Free Trial.” Then the status will show as “Pending” under “My Application.” After completing your application, it will be reviewed by the Shein team and winners will be announced on the main Free Trial page. If you didn’t win, your product status will show as “Failed.” If you did win, your product status will show as “Approved,” and the free product will be shipped to the address you provided. Once you receive the product, you have 10 days to submit a review report. Be sure to follow all instructions for creating and uploading your review. Make sure your review is processed.

Once your review is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Shein team to ensure that it meets all of their requirements. If your review doesn’t meet the requirements or doesn’t upload, testers have one more chance to upload it again.

After your review is approved, Shein has the right to use your images, videos and text on their product review page. However, your personal information and username are hidden.

Can I keep the free trial item once I submit my review?

Yes, if you were selected for the Free Trial, you can keep the item after you have successfully submitted a trial product review.

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