14 Mudroom Shoe Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Shoes: We love them, but things can easily get out of hand when you’ve got dozens of pairs in your daily style rotation. For homeowners with lots of family members coming through the door, managing everyone’s shoes can feel like a challenge without the proper organizational tools. If that shoe pile in the mudroom is starting to haunt your every thought, then it’s definitely time to shake up your footwear storage situation.

When it comes to reorganizing the mudroom, opting for functional storage pieces are a great way to revamp the space while also sprucing it up. And these days, there are plenty of clever organizers available that are also aesthetically-pleasing; you can choose between rustic benches, woven baskets, modern cabinets and more to complement your mudroom without sacrificing your design vision.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re actually getting use out of the shoes that you’re keeping there. So, before you start loading up your shoes into your new storage bench, give each pair a glance over to ensure they’re seasonally appropriate, in good condition and, most importantly still spark joy. Home organization experts also recommend choosing shoe racks that allow you to see everything that’s inside so you don’t forget which pairs you’re storing and think you’ve misplaced them. To make each pair easily accessible for its designated wearer, you can also categorize styles by size and shoe type, or group them based on who they belong to.

In need of some mudroom shoe storage ideas? Read on to find the best shoe organizers that will comfortably fit your family’s footwear and keep your home looking effortlessly clutter-free in the process.

Eco Anni Foldable 5-Tier Stand Organizer

This convenient shoe rack doesn’t require any assembly thanks to its innovative and fool-proof foldable design. But, that’s not even the best part: it comfortably holds up to 20 pairs of shoes and can even double as a catchall shelf if needed.

mudroom storage ideas
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AmazonBasics 9-Pair Shoe Rack Organizer

Perfect for mudrooms that need a more compact model, this sleek, three-tiered shoe rack boasts industrial charm with its wired shelves and glossy wood in its mocha brown finish.

amazon mudroom shoe organizer
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Dotted Line Bamboo Entryway 8-Pair Shoe Rack

This versatile shoe rack will go down in history as your best purchase ever. Made from sturdy, water-resistant bamboo, it’s equipped to hold four shelves’ worth of shoes and can also double as a catchall for decor and everyday items like your keys and handbag. It’s also got a long compartment on the side that can hold everything from tall rainboots to umbrellas and yoga mats. Plus, its light wood finish will brighten up your space.

mudroom storage ideas
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Vasagle Cubby Shoe Cabinet

Available in two different colors and ideal for families that are always on the move, this rustic, wooden cubby cabinet fits multiple shoes of varying sizes in its convenient and well-spaced out shelves. It also features a cushioned bench that will come in handy when it’s time to tie your shoes.

Vasagle Cubby Shelf
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Rebrilliant Single 12-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet

If you’re looking for a piece that’s compact and discrete with its shoe display, then this innovative cabinet is just for you. It may look like an ordinary wooden cabinet on the outside, but inside, it strategically unfolds into a shoe rack that holds up to 12 pairs of shoes.

rebrilliant shoe rack
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Songmics Shoe Bench

Perfect for homes with a more modern aesthetic, this three-tier shoe bench is compact, fits comfortably within any decor scheme and holds up to eight pairs of shoes on its wired shelves. Its sturdy construction can hold up to 440 pounds and won’t wobble or give out over time.

mudroom storage ideas
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Roundhill Furniture Vannes Storage Shoe Bench

This elegant wooden shoe bench boasts optimal storage with its various compartments, some of which can be found underneath the upholstered cushions. Its slatted shelf proudly displays up to five pairs of shoes.

roundhill furniture shoe bench
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17 Stories Stackable Shoe Storage Cabinet

Give your mudroom a stylish makeover with this electric blue locker-style cabinet. Equipped with three doors and six shelves to comfortably store your favorite sandals, heels, boots and more, it will make organizing your footwear collection a breeze.

17 stories shoe cabinet
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C&AHome Shoe Rack Bench

This 2-in-1 shoe organizer bench combines function with style thanks to its sleek wood finish and strategic shelving layout. In addition to its two-tier shoe racks, which hold up to three pairs of shoes each, it also features a rectangular cubby-styled shelf that’s perfect for storing tall boots. But, this bench isn’t only limited to shoes and mudrooms. It can easily be used for additional storage throughout the house, including the bedroom and living room.

amazon shoe bench organizer
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INDRESSME Cotton Rope Basket 

Not looking to buy and assemble a new piece of furniture right now? This extra-large basket is hassle-free and can handle all of those shoes that can’t fit in your closet anymore. Its usage isn’t only limited to the mudroom; you can also use it as a laundry hamper, toy chest, throw blanket holder and more.

indressme shoe holder
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Vasagle Industrial Storage Bench

This comfortable, cushioned seat chest is the perfect place to store all of your shoes, plus other everyday items that don’t seem to have an established place of their own. Available in two different wood finishes, its black steel frame and contrasting colorways instantly add elements of sophistication and refinement to your space.

vasagle shoe bench
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Rebrilliant 2-Tier Expandable Stackable Shoe Rack

For mudrooms that are more long and narrow than most, this expandable rack allows you to store up to 20 shoes with ease to fit within your layout. Its neutral earthy accents also complement any existing color scheme nicely and you can even stack multiple units on top of each other for ample storage.

rebrilliant 2-tier shoe rack
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Honey Can Do Z-Frame Shoe Rack

If your layout doesn’t give you that much room to work with, then this compact and unique Z-shaped shoe rack is definitely the best option. It can hold up to nine pairs of shoes comfortably while also adding some rustic charm to your space with its wooden shelves and contrasting matte black hardware.

wayfair mudroom storage ideas
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roomfitters 3-Tier Rolling Utility Storage Cart

Afraid that you won’t be able to find the perfect spot for your new shoe organizer? Then, this mobile variation will definitely come in handy. While it’s technically a bar cart, its rolling design will allow you to move it from place to place until you’ve found its new home. Thankfully, its shelves are deep enough to hold your favorite shoes.

amazon rolling cart
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