What Is Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s Net Worth? Here’s How She Makes Her Money

It’s no secret that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a billionaire. In fact, Forbes’ 2021 Billionaires List declared the e-commerce entrepreneur the world’s richest person for the fourth year in a row, with a staggering net worth of $177 billion. But what about his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez’s net worth? The former news anchor and entertainment reporter, whose Instagram profile reads, “Emmy-award winning journalist, Founder Black Ops Aviation & Vice Chair @BezosEarthFund,” started making headlines once her relationship with Bezos became public in 2019.

Like her boyfriend Bezos, 51-year-old Sanchez was also born in Albuquerque, N.M. Graduating from the University of Southern California with a communications degree, she went on to start her career as an anchor and reporter at a CBS affiliate in Phoenix. Subsequently, she was tapped by the popular entertainment news show “Extra” before moving on to sports journalism and then mainstream world news. Sanchez ended up landing an Emmy Award for her work with UPN 13 News. She’s also appeared on “The View” and also served as the host of “So You Think You Can Dance” for a season before taking some time to be with her first child.

lauren sanchez, red look, red suit, pumps, march 6, 2020
Lauren Sanchez models a red outfit at an event in Santa Monica, California on March 6, 2020.

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What is Lauren Sanchez’s Net Worth?

So, what is Sanchez’s net worth? The answer isn’t simple, and verifying Lauren Sanchez’s net worth accurately would require the release of private financial records. Even so, Celebritynetworth.com, a popular site that estimates the net worth of stars, claims Sanchez’s net worth is $30 million. “Our data is rooted in financial analysis, market research, and inside sources that we have meticulously developed over the last decade to maintain accuracy and breadth of knowledge,” reported the site, which explained how it determines celebrity net worth, adding that each estimate is formed by taking into account the celebrity’s known salaries, real estate holdings, royalties and endorsements. The site also employs a “proprietary” formula that excludes estimated taxes, manager’s fees, agent fees and lifestyle expenses.

lauren sanchez net worth, Lauren Sanchez and boyfriend Jeff Bezos on vacation, white sundress, brown leather sandals
Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos are spotted holding hands while vacationing in Saint-Tropez, France in August 2019.

How Does Lauren Sanchez Make Her Money?

In addition to “Extra,” Sanchez is also known for having appeared on Fox’s “Good Day L.A.” over the years, and has even booked a number of acting gigs in which she portrays a news reporter. You can catch her movies like “Fight Club,” the “Fantastic Four” franchise, “White House Down,” “The Longest Yard” and “Ted 2.”

Beyond working as a television anchor and actress, Sanchez is a licensed helicopter pilot and founded her own aerial filming company, Black Ops Aviation, in 2016, which has contributed to her net worth. The company focuses on film and television projects.

“This space is dominated by men,” Sanchez shared with “The Hollywood Reporter” in a 2017 feature. “But there’s nothing physical about flying a helicopter. You can be 5-foot-1 or 6-foot-4. There’s no reason more women aren’t in this.” She now has three children and they all take flying lessons. Sanchez grew up in Albuquerque with a father who was a flight instructor and a mother who had her pilot’s license, so the passion for flying has been passed down.

lauren sanchez boyfriend jeff bezos, net worth, black dress, baby2baby gala 2021
Lauren Sánchez wearing a black gown and heels at the 10-Year Gala 2021 in Los Angeles last November.

Who is Lauren Sanchez’s Ex-Husband?

The Mexican-American reporter’s ex-husband is Patrick Whitesell, who is reportedly one of the two primary partners in the agency WME, which owns the UFC as well as agencies IMG and Endeavor. Patrick Whitesell’s net worth is reported to be upwards of $450 million due to his ownership stake in the agency, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, other sources claim Lauren Sanchez’s ex-husband Patrick Whitesell’s net worth is around $350 million. Bloomberg reported that when his company Endeavor went public in 2021, his stake was worth $480 million. Sánchez and Whitesell, who are said to have split sometime in 2018, had two children together. She also has a son with former football player Tony Gonzalez.

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