Kane 11’s Socks for Women Will Become Your Go-To Wardrobe Essentials

Standard sock options show that the one-size-fits-most approach truly does not work for many of us, so that’s why Kane 11 socks for women are here to the rescue. If your feet run on the smaller side of the sizing spectrum, you know the frustration of constantly pulling up the extra fabric or stuffing it into your shoes. Conversely, if you have wider or larger feet, accepting the feeling of having your feet trapped is not ideal. Kane 11 saw this issue with the women’s sock market and the brand takes a more personalized approach. Kane 11 makes women’s socks in full shoe sizes to make the fit as accurate and effortless as possible. Fortunately, with the variety of no-show, crew, wool and athletic socks, there is no reason to ponder any longer. Read on to see some of the Kane 11 women’s styles you need in your sock wardrobe. As a bonus, you get 20% off your first order.

Kane 11 Socks for Women: Laylo Ankle Socks Pack 

These women’s socks are made from predominately (74%) cotton, nylon, and a touch of spandex with a no-show silhouette. They are a lightweight and breathable, everyday option to wear around the house or with sneakers or boots. They come in packs of either 4 or 8 pairs. For color options, you can choose from all white, all black, or a multi-color variety, as shown above. If you’re a half-size or have wider feet, make sure to size up.

Kane 11 Laylo Socks
CREDIT: Kane 11

Kane 11 Socks for Women: Monroe Crew Sock

For a luxurious touch to your daily uniform, these mid-calf length socks are crafted from 70% merino wool with nylon and spandex. Unlike their thicker counterparts, these socks are suitable for most climates. They are designed to be lightweight while maintaining the soft wool feel. The product also has full-foot terry loop cushioning, a seamless toe, and arch support for maximum comfort. They come in grey, black, red, and yellow.


Kane 11 Socks for Women: Meadow Ankle Sock Pack

This low-rise sock provides supportive coverage without adding bulk or heat. They feature a predominately (52%) merino wool, nylon, and spandex construction with an opening specially-designed to fit around your ankle. These socks are a lightweight option that also has strategic mesh panels for breathability and to prevent foot sweat. This attribute makes them a great option to wear for workouts or long days on your feet. They are available in packs of 4 or 8 pairs.


Kane 11 Socks for Women: Madison Quarter-Length Sock Pack

Hitting slightly above the ankle, these socks also feature the brand’s lightweight merino wool construction along with some nylon and spandex, too. They have full-front terry loop cushioning, a seamless toe and arch support for ease and comfort. This style will peak through the top of your sneakers or short boots and creates a barrier to prevent any friction pain from your shoes rubbing against your ankle. They come in ivory and pink, black and gray, or multi-color pack options.


Kane 11 Socks for Women: Bedford K-Sport Sock Pack 

A quarter-length fit, these socks are designed with ultra-long staple yarn and have a nylon, polyester and spandex construction. Crafted with comfort in mind, they’re made with moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet dry and cool all day. These properties make this sock style ideal for workouts, outdoor sporting activities, or running errands. They will peak out of ankle-length shoes and protect from shoe friction. They come in multi-color or white packs of 4 or 8 pairs.


For more sock options, check out Kane 11’s full women’s collection here.

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