How to Make Face Masks: No-Sew Methods & More

There are several methods for making face masks, some of which don’t even require a sewing machine or needle and thread.

A number of sewing and no-sew tutorials are available for you to learn online. And for the project, you can use items you already have lying around the house. Items like silk scarves, bandanas, t-shirts and even socks can be used to make your mask. Rubber bands and elastics can also be utilized for ear straps. If you don’t have any of these supplies on hand, we also have a few recommendations for suggested materials.

Below, discover three simple ways to make you own non-medical mask at home.

The Simple No-Sew Method

What you’ll need:

Looking to make a mask in minutes? Try this quick folding method. First, lay your bandana or scarf on a flat surface. You can also use a t-shirt too, but you will have to use scissors to cut off the excess fabric.

Then, fold the bandana fabric into fourths. After you’ve folded, flip the fabric so that the line of the tucked edge is facing up. Take two elastics and loop on each side of the fabric. Fold the fabric ends into each other for a quick DIY face mask.

For a visual tutorial, we suggest tuning in to MissTiffanyMa’s step-by-step instructional video on YouTube.


Get Crafty With a Glue Gun

What you’ll need: 

For those who don’t own a sewing machine but want to get more crafty, try assembling a DIY face covering with a glue gun.

Gather a glue gun, elastics, a nose wire and fabric. Then, lay out the fabric and measure 8 x 12 inches for an adult mask or 7 x 9.5 inches for a kid’s size covering. Cut the fabric and then flip over. While you are cutting the fabric you can plug in your glue gun to warm it up.

Then, glue the nose wire at the top. Next, create pleats with the hot glue gun. Flip the fabric over to secure pleats on the back and fold over the corners. Next, add hot glue to the edge of the mask on both sides. Lastly, add in ear loops by cutting the elastic tie and slip it into the loops. You can tie the ends and tuck them into the fabric. You can also add patches for a fun, personalized mask.

Check out WhatsUpMoms’ YouTube video on how to use the glue gun method for a DIY face mask.


Try Your Hand At Sewing

What you’ll need:

You can also try your hand at sewing when it comes to making a DIY face mask.

We suggest following a pattern or video to make this method, such as crafter Erica Arndt’s quick sew face mask tutorial on YouTube (linked below). If you go the sewing machine route and don’t already own one, we recommend purchasing a lightweight style that’s great for beginners.


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