13 Face Masks Without Ear Loops

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Face masks in the time of COVID-19 are a must. If you’ve been searching for a safe and comfortable option to wear, consider a style without ear loops. These options, which secure around the head via elastic straps or ties, eliminate any chafing or pressure behind the ears often caused by masks with ear loops. They’re also great for people who wear glasses or hearing aid devices, as the design won’t dislodge either of these.

With this in mind, we compiled a range of great face masks without ear loops to shop. Our list also includes a few neck gaiters, which don’t have any straps and can provide extra benefits such as cooling features and UPF protection from the sun, too. According to a recent study by the CDC and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), neck gaiters are just as effective as cloth face masks in reducing the spread of the virus. As with cloth face masks, the CDC recommends wearing a gaiter with at least two layers of fabric for proper protection.

Read up on each style ahead and choose the best one for you.

BYD Care Disposable KN95 Respirator 

This disposable KN95 respirator features a four-ply construction, adjustable metallic nose strip to ensure a snug fit and elasticized straps that wrap around the back of the head and neck. Each order comes with a box of 20 masks.

face mask without ear loops, BYD Care Disposable KN95 Respirator with Head Strap
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

LittleCasitaBigDream Reusable Face Mask

Available on Etsy, this reusable style comes in a variety of whimsical prints, from snowflakes and squirrels to colorful stripes and flowers. Also featuring elastic head straps, this handmade double-layer mask is made of cotton and includes a soft fleecy material on the interior for added comfort.

face mask without ear loops, reusable face mask
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Gildan Reusable Face Mask

Coming in a pack of 48, these reusable masks feature two inner layers of soft cotton and a water-resistant polyester exterior. They offer 13-inch easy-tie head straps that you can conveniently adjust for a custom fit.

gildan face mask, face mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Kiyonna Reusable Masker-Aid

Kiyonna’s three-layer Masker-Aid is also made of breathable cotton and comes in two sizes. To match your personal styles, it’s also available in comes in tons of colors and playful prints.

Kiyonna Masker-Aid, mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

AccuMed Disposable Face Mask

Featuring a six-ply design, these disposable face masks deliver a contoured fit around the bridge of the nose thanks to a metallic nose piece. They also have two elastic head straps and come in three colors, including a pink version. The brand supplies 10 face coverings in a single package.

AccuMed Face Mask, mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

SewnbyAdam Reusable Face Mask

Available in three sizes, this polyester-cotton blend face mask is designed with an integrated cord and plastic toggle that allows you to make quick and easy micro-adjustments.

SewnbyAdam Face Mask, face mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

PrairieClothCompany Reusable Face Mask

Another handmade style sold on Etsy, this double-layer cloth face mask consists of cotton and features stretchy head straps. It’s offered in plenty of vibrant patterns to choose from, like tie-dye and lemon-themed options. The maker also gives you the option to add a nose piece to your selection for a better fit.

face mask without ear loops, etsy face mask
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy

Banana Republic Reusable Face Mask 2-Pack

Sold as a set of two in various color combinations, these masks from Banana Republic feature a multi-layer design with a polyester shell and cotton lining. They also have adjustable elastic head straps, a filter pocket and adjustable nose wire for a secure fit.

Banana Republic Reusable Face Mask 2-Pack, face mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Banana Republic

Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter 

From Mission, an athletic gear company co-founded by Serena Williams, this neck gaiter offers UPF 50 protection and features a proprietary cooling fabric. An ideal choice for hot weather, this sporty style cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in under 30 seconds when you wet it, wring it out and snap it three times.

Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter, mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Smartwool Merino 250 Neck Gaiter

Great for any weather, this double-layer gaiter from Smartwool features an Interlocking knit construction and is crafted from merino wool. The material naturally helps regulate body temperature to keep you comfortable in all conditions. Plus, it’s breathable and moisture-wicking.

Smartwool Merino 250 Neck Gaiter, mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Smartwool

Sleefs Neck Gaiter

This double-layer gaiter is made of a lightweight, polyester microfiber material and offers UPF 50 protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

sleefs neck gaiter, face mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Squirrel Products Respi-Gaiter

Available in four colors, the Respi-Gaiter features a large pocket that contains a reusable three-layer filter and comes with an extra washable filter. It’s made from a four-way stretch fabric that’s moisture-wicking and should feel smooth against the skin.

Squirrel Products Respi-Gaiter, face masks without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

G95 Biogaiter

The G95 gaiter is made with a multi-layer microfleece construction and tightens around the head with an elastic cord. Uniquely, it’s equipped with the brand’s built-in filtration technology. According to the brand’s website, this feature was vigorously tested in premier testing facilities in the U.S, and on average, filtered out 99% of all airborne particles size 0.1 micron and larger.

G95 Biogaiter, face mask without ear loops
CREDIT: Courtesy of G95

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