10 Stylish Face Covers, Mouth Masks, Bandanas and Scarves

There is no denying face coverings are the latest essential item for the season, and that’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best face cover mouth masks around.

The CDC recommends that people wear cloth coverings in public to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, which can be transferred person-to-person through respiratory droplets. With a number of options to use as face coverings, scarves and bandanas are among the most fashionable.

Shoppers can get creative in their quest to find the best coverings that are stylish and secure. The best part? These scarves and bandanas are versatile and can be used in other ways, making them a great closet staple in years to come. Headscarves were a popular accessory on runways and the streets for fall ’21. Doubling up on a bandana or two can be a great way to look stylish and set for the season ahead.

While there are several options for face coverings out there, bandanas and scarves are not only stylish but also versatile and easy to wash. Gaiters can also be a great option for a face cover. But before you buy,  there are a few factors to consider when shopping for an alternative face cover mouth mask.

As temperatures rise in several states, it’s important to note the materials used in the fabric. Be wary of silk and wool blends as they can be hot and heavy. However, these fabrics can be great for the colder season ahead as they will keep you cozy. After purchasing, make sure to wash any new scarves or bandanas before wearing them to ensure any sizing is removed from the fabric.

Shoppers looking to be more eco-conscious should pay attention to materials such as polyester and spandex, as these contribute to microplastic that end up in waterways and oceans. Scarves and face mask mouth coverings made from linen or cotton are great alternatives for those who want to prioritize sustainability.

Size matters, too. Pay attention to the measurements of scarves and bandanas by measuring the width of your head, first. Cloth face masks usually cover the face 6 inches vertically and 7.5 inches across, but keep in mind you’ll have to fasten a scarf or bandana yourself for a secure fit. Most products have sizing details and charts online.

Luckily for shoppers, there are several styles online to choose from when it comes to a stylish face covering. Brands such as the Gap, Madewell and J. Crew have products available that can double up as a face cover mouth mask. Even Vera Bradley has some scarves shoppers can use as a face mask.

Below, take a look at our favorite scarves and bandanas that can double as face cover mouth masks.

Amazon Cindy & Wendy Lightweight Triangle Floral Fashion Lace Scarf

Cindy & Windy’s lace scarf is a great option for someone looking for a little flair when it comes to a face cover mouth mask. The $7 teardrop-shaped style comes in multiple colors, so shoppers don’t have to worry about clashing their outfit with their mask. Now available on Amazon, reviewers recommend hand washing the scarf before use. Additionally, this scarf can also be great for socially distanced weddings. Take a look at our roundup of best face cover mouth masks for brides and grooms here.

fashionable face coverings, amazon scarf, lightweight scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

The Gap Print Bandana

This trendy cotton bandana from Gap is machine washable and lightweight. Offered in several colors, it can be used in a number of ways, including as a face covering, neckerchief or headscarf. The versatile covering is $15 on the brand’s website. The stylish scarf is great for teens and adults, alike.

the gap scarf, fashionable face covering, bandana
CREDIT: Courtesy of the Gap

Vera Bradley Square Scarf

Vera Bradley offers a number of scarves. Made from a polyester blend, this scarf is soft and has a light-to-medium weight. Shoppers can snag select styles for $20 off on the brand’s website, including the Pretty Posies colorway below. Another perk shoppers will find while purchasing this product is that this style is now discounted on the brand’s website. Shoppers can snag this originally $40 scarf for $28 online.

vera bradley scard, fashionable face coverings, floral scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of Vera Bradley

Madewell Edge Treatment Cotton Bandana

For summer, try opting for cotton instead of wool or silk or when looking for a bandana or scarf to use as a face cover mouth mask. The Madewell edge treatment cotton bandana is one stylish alternative, complete with scalloped edges and fun, floral design. This boho scarf would look great dressed up or down, making it one of the best alternative face mask mouth coverings on our list.

madewell, madewell face mouth mask covering, scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of Zappos

Target Universal Thread Polka Dot Bandana

This soft, cotton fabric bandana from Target comes in both black and blue. Now available on Target.com, this stylish bandana can function in a multitude of ways, including a face cover mouth mask. Shoppers interested in more face cover mouth masks from Target can also check out our roundup of the best options offered by the brand. Target carries a number of styles including face covers for adults and children.

target face covering, target scarf, universal thread scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of Target

INTO THE AM Seamless Face Cover Mouth Mask Bandana Neck Gaiter 

Neck gaiters can also make a great face cover mouth mask. This lightweight and breathable gaiter is made from microfiber polyester and offered in an array of solid colors and patterns for $11.50 on Amazon. Gaiters can be great for shoppers looking for a face covering for sports or for running.

gaiter, face cover mouth mask bandana, bandana
CREDIT: Courtesy of Etsy


L.L. Bean Women’s Sunwashed Square Scarf

This L.L. Bean scarf is summery and soft thanks to the viscose rayon material. Running on the larger side, this 43-inch scarf is large enough to comfortably style and fit as a face covering. Plus, it comes in a few fashionable styles so shoppers can choose the best style for their face cover mouth mask.


fashionable face coverings, l.l. bean, striped scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Old Navy Printed Neckerchief Scarf

Leopard print is a timeless pattern that continues to trend. Opting for a leopard print scarf is one chic option when on the lookout for a fashionable face cover mouth mask. The soft polyester scarf is hand washable and comes in three different styles. The trendy scarf is now on sale for $8.

old navy scarf, fashionable face coveringm leopard scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of Old Navy

The Gap Oblong Scarf

Trend in tie-dye with the Oblong Scarf from the Gap. The soft scarf is big enough to cover your face and shoulders. The scarf, which can also double as a face cover mouth mask, is hand wash recommended and made from a blend of nylon, wool and polyester. Plus, the trendy tie-dye colorway makes it the perfect statement for the season. The scarf is on sale for $30, too. Shoppers who are curious about other face cover mouth masks from the brand can also check out our coverage, as several options are available.

gap scarf, tie-dye scarf, fashionable face coverings
CREDIT: Courtesy of the Gap

J. Crew Organic Cotton Scarf With Rainbow Tassels

The festive scarf from J. Crew can double up as a face cover mouth mask, too. Made with a blend of organic cotton and wool, this scarf may be more suitable where temperatures aren’t too toasty. The tassel scarf is now $10 off on J. Crew’s website. The festive scarf is great for a day at the beach or a night on the town, letting shoppers look stylish, no matter than occasion.

j. crew scarf, fashionable face covering, rainbow scarf
CREDIT: Courtesy of J. Crew

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