Best Etsy Face Masks To Refresh Your Collection

Face masks have become the most important accessory, and Etsy face masks offer an independent designer’s touch. While they’re an essential protective tool to keep us all healthy, there’s no reason to sacrifice style when putting our safety first. For both exercise and leisure excursions, there are various types of face masks to consider for different climates and occasions. In warmer climates or for working out, you want to choose lightweight, moisture-wicking masks to keep your face from overheating. For less physically-intensive activities or milder weather conditions, you might want to opt for a fun face covering to make the important protocol more enjoyable.  While many retailers have curated selections of fashionable masks, Etsy with its marketplace business model provides an even larger selection. Their unique variety lets you stand out from the crowd to find masks that best suit your needs and personal style.

Here at FN, we’ve done the research for you and rounded up the best Etsy face mask options for all areas of your daily routine. Discover these picks below.

Etsy Face Masks: Patterned Masks With Filters & Valves

In fun and timeless prints, these cotton face masks have a dual-layer design and feature built-in respirators for optimal breathability. This attribute also helps to resolve the ‘foggy glasses’ issue many wearers encounter. They provide a nose wire and adjustable ear loops for a better fit, too.


Etsy Face Masks: Geometric Monochrome Mask

This single layer cotton mask has a single-layer construction with a nose-pinch and elastic ear loops. These products are perfect for those who overheat easily or those individuals you’re still convincing to wear a mask. 


Etsy Face Masks: Athletic Mesh Mask With Filter Pocket

Designed with a lightweight and breathable material, this face covering is ideal for working out or a humid day to stay comfortable while protecting yourself and others. It also has a plastic strap button to tie around your face and a nose wire to for a better tailored fit.


Etsy Face Masks: Adjustable Cotton Face Mask 

These simple face masks have a triple-layer cotton construction and a filter pocket. They also offer a tie-around closure and a nose wire to customize the fit and are a great, no-frills everyday option.



Etsy Face Masks: Floral Cotton Mask With Filter Pocket

This nature-inspired print is sure to liven up your face covering collection. The product features either a dual or triple cotton layer construction with a 100% cotton lining. There’s also a hole to place a filter and stretchy ear loops.


         Etsy Face Masks: Bandana Cotton Face Mask

These Western-inspired masks come in a variety of colors to elevate your everyday mask selection. They are crafted from 100% cotton and use polyester thread. Each item is hand-cut and features a built-in filter.


Etsy Face Masks: Triple-Layer Printed Mask With Filter Pocket

Available in women’s, men’s, and children’s sizes, these Etsy face masks are perfect for the whole family. They are made from cotton and feature a triple-layer design. You can choose from light or dark color options.


Etsy Face Masks: Music Note Patterned Face Mask

For the creatively-inclined, these fun pattern masks allow you to protect others while showing your personality. They are available in either two or three-layered masks options and are all crafted from 100% cotton with elastic ear straps.


Etsy Face Masks: Beige Cotton Mask With Filter Layer

In small, medium, and large sizes, it is easy to find the correct size in this simple mask. They feature an organic cotton construction and have soft elastic ear loops for additional comfort.


Etsy Face Masks: Minimalist Cotton Face Mask


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