How To Become a Clothing & Sneaker Product Tester & Get Free Stuff

If you’re interested in trying out clothing or shoes for free from athletic brands, then look no further. There are several product testing opportunities that you might be interested in. Product testing helps businesses to collect user feedback about their products or services before it is released. For this purpose, some companies may gift the clothing and shoe products free of charge for an authentic review. That is one of major perks, as you will be one of the first to know about an item before it is released. Many companies consider the clothing and shoes as a payment, while others may also offer a monetary compensation.

FN compiled a list of brands that have clothing and shoe product testing programs and the steps interested applicants should take when applying. Check out our list below.

How to Be an Adidas Product Tester

Adidas’ product testing program is currently on a hiatus, but the brand plans to reopen in the future. Those who are interested must meet a minimum set of requirements, which could be found here. Continue to check back to see if the opportunity becomes available.

How to Be an Aerie Product Tester

Want to be an #AerieREAL Ambassador? Aerie’s brand partner, YMC, has the full guidelines laid out on their website. Once you are on the website, click on opportunities, where you’ll want to apply for the AERIE REAL AMBASSADOR PROGRAM for the upcoming year.

How to Be an Amazon Product Tester

If you love to write reviews for Amazon, becoming an Amazon product tester is the perfect opportunity for you. Amazon invites trusted reviewers to apply for their Amazon Vine program or their Amazon reviewer trader sites. For more details check out our guide on what you need to know.

How to Be a Brooks Product Tester

Brooks makes some of the most beloved running shoes. On its website, the sneaker company outlines its approach to research and product testing. Once selected, consumers will go through a four-step testing process, which includes fit, feel, ride and biomechanics. Get details on the Brooks product testing program here.

How to Be a Columbia Product Tester

Columbia Sportswear Co. is a reputable brand within the outdoor industry. At this time, Colombia is not accepting testers. However the company invites consumers to check back soon. Get details on the product testing program here.

How to Be a Lululemon Product Tester

Being a product tester for Lululemon is more about the connection than it is the work. As an ambassador for the brand, you will receive development tools, meet a network of like-minded people and get product to test. To apply, visit your local Lululemon store to inquire about how you can join the team.

How to Be a New Balance Product Tester

To become a product tester for New Balance, apply on product.testing.newbalance.com to be considered. On the website, the Boston-based brand breaks down what you can expect if offered the opportunity. Once you receive your products, log into its Product Test system for further instructions. Get all the details on what you need to know about the product testing program here.

How to Be a Nike Product Tester

Nike’s product testing program is currently on hold for adults and minors. However, applications are being accepted for parents to submit for their child. To apply, interested applicants will have to follow the following steps via Voiceoftheathlete.nike.com

How to Be an On Product Tester

On is quickly becoming a brand favorite among runners. In order to have a chance at becoming a product tester, On asks consumers to fill out an application, which it calls the Speed CV. The brand’s Speed CV asks for shoe size, running form and how far you run each week.

How to Be an OutdoorVoices Product Tester

OutdoorVoices makes athleisure that combines performance, style and comfort equally. When you become an ambassador for the brand you will be apart of the Doing Things Network, which is a diverse community that is passionate about living a Recreation-driven lifestyle. If you would like to represent OV simply apply here.

How to Be a Reebok Product Tester

Reebok has a separate website specifically dedicated to product testing – Producttesting.reebok.com The website includes a break down of how to apply in three easy steps and further explains the testing process. Get more details on Reebok’s product testing program here.

How to Be a Saucony Product Tester 

Saucony has a separate landing page to apply for its product testing program, Saucony.com/en/producttesting. From there, the questions become more specific. After you fill out the questionnaire, a window pops up with a 10% code off of your next $100 plus purchase.

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