7 Toe Box Crease Preventers to Keep Prized Kicks Looking Like New

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Keeping kicks in pristine condition with the best toe box crease preventers is a top priority for sneakerheads.

As you wear your sneakers, it’s natural for them to develop creases and dents in the leather over time. Not only can this diminish the look of pairs, but can also cause them to deteriorate faster.

Thankfully, however, there’s an easy solution to this. Enter: the best toe box crease preventers. As their name suggests, these inserts slip into the front of sneakers to prevent them from denting and creasing.

Typically made from plastic or foam, the best toe box crease preventers add flexibility and durability to hide creases and come in many different sizes to accommodate various sneaker silhouettes. Keep in mind that foam styles are your best bet if you want to use them while wearing your shoes, as they’re not as stiff as most plastic styles. However, certain plastic styles can be more comfortable. Toe box crease preventers generally contain ventilation holes for breathability and are often trimmable to size, too. Some also feature an adhesive design to help them stick to the top of the shoe.

To jumpstart your search, we compiled some of the best toe box crease preventers for keeping your pairs in tip-top shape.  Read on to shop them all.

Sneaker Shields  Gen-X Universal Shoe Crease Preventer

Sneaker Shields’ Gen-X Universal Crease Preventer is made with durable, washable and non-absorbent materials that maintain their shape. Made from a very thin plastic design, this toe box crease preventer will make you feel very comfortable in some of your favorite shoes.


Best Toe Box Crease Preventers, Sneaker Shields GEN-X Shoe Crease Preventer
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Sneak Geek Shoe Protector

Designed to extend the life of your shoe, the Sneak Geek Shoe Protector fits well inside most shoes. It’s crafted from a soft and flexible material that helps smooth out existing creases and prevents future ones from forming.

best toe box crease preventers, Sneak Geek crease preventers
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Force Field Toe Box Crease Preventers

Formed with a cushy foam material, Force Field’s Toe Box Crease Preventers should fit comfortably inside the toe box of most sneakers. What’s more, an adhesive design keeps it in place and perforations provide breathability. They come in three different sizes.



ForceField Toe Box Crease Preventers, Best Toe Box Crease Preventers
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Mudder Shoe Crease Protector

With six pairs of rubber and plastic protectors included, the Mudder Shoe Crease Protector set delivers more bang for your buck. Each protector features perforations for breathability and is easy to clean.

mudder, shoe protector, best toe box crease preventers, mudder shoe crease protector
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Doni Toe Box Crease Preventers

Doni Toe Box Crease Protectors feature subtle grooves across the top of each unit to prevent them from moving around inside shoes. They’re also said to be durable and offer a great fit inside Air Jordans.


doni, crease preventer, best toe box crease preventers, doni toe box crease preventers
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Omeenie Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Crease Protectors

Omeenie’s Crease Protectors fit well in most shoes and are easily adjustable. They’re made with PE and TPR materials, which create a hard exterior to keep the toe box in place.

best toe box crease preventers, Omeenie Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Crease Protectors
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ERGOfoot Toe Box Crease Preventer

Made of sturdy EVA material, the ERGOfoot Toe Box Crease Preventer is compatible with Jordans, Air Force 1s, Dunks, and more silhouettes. They feature two adhesive strips to secure them onto the shoe. You should also be able to comfortably wear your sneakers with these inside thanks to their subtly molded design.

best toe box crease preventers, ERGOfoot Anti-Wrinkle Shoes Creases
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

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