Best Space Heaters to Keep You Toasty All Year Long

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Space heaters are made to provide instantaneous warmth to any room in your home. Offered in a variety of designs and silhouettes, you can pick from small compact heaters for under-desk use or taller, oscillating products that will quickly heat up even your biggest of rooms. As you cozy up in a pair of comfy leggings or sweats, space heaters can also help save energy and money on electric bills compared to central heating during the colder months, under certain criteria. A space heater should be used only in one room, ideally, one you frequent most —  like a living room or bedroom — to reduce the constant need to turn on your heat. They come in battery-operated and electric styles.

Many of these advanced heaters include fire safety precautions such as functions that will automatically turn them off if they tip or fall over as well as overheating prevention systems. To stay on the safe side, make sure to place the heaters at least 3 feet from anything flammable and make sure to turn them off whenever you leave the room or head off to sleep, as suggested by the National Fire Protection Association.

Whether you use space heaters during just cold weather seasons with your feet tucked into heated socks or whether you’re a year-round fan of the portable warmers, FN rounded up a selection of the best space heaters on the market now. Read on to see the selection now

Lasko Portable Space Heater

With over 22,000 impressive reviews on Amazon, this space heater gives you everything you could need to stay toasty all day long. It includes three quiet settings to keep up with changing temperatures as well as an adjustable thermostat. A convenient handle allows for portability while built-in safety features offer protection from overheating and fire hazards.

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Alrocket Oscillating Space Heater

This compact space heather from Alrocket can fit anywhere from under your desk to next to your bed to on side tables with outdoor furniture. The easy-to-use design allows for fast warmth without noisy functions. Tip-over protection and overheating prevention technology ensures safe use with three settings: Natural Wind, Low Heat and High Heat.

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GiveBest Portable Space Heater

With adjustable knobs up top for effortless temperature control, this space heater helps save money on your electrical bill with quiet yet effective ease. It heats up within seconds but turns off just as quickly when tilted or falling, preventing accidents or rug burns.

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Yasuoo Space Heater

Yasuoo offers three different quiet modes for rapid heating with practically silent results. The adjustable thermostat gives your room just the right temperature with a specialized ceramic material made to combat the potent smell that can occur with heaters.

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Home_Choice Small Space Heater

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TaoTronics Space Heater

Unlike other options on the market, TaoTronics’ high-tech space heater uses a remote control for functionality without having to manually adjust the temperature every time. It also oscillates for full-room coverage and includes timer functions for overnight heat on colder evenings.

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TaoTronics space heater
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Andily Space Heater

Measuring just 8 inches tall, you’ll be surprised at the punch this small heater packs. Featuring three modes plus a fan option, Andily’s product heats within just two seconds and will automatically shut off if tipped over for safety purposes.

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Trustech Space Heater

Trustech knows that sometimes you just need a little touch of heat without turning your whole room into a furnace. That’s why its heater can provide natural wind functions and subtle low heat modes in addition to high-power heat settings and fast-heating options.

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Aikoper Space Heater

Heating your room up to an impressive 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Aikoper created a remote controlled space heater. It provides wide-angle oscillation to warm up even the most spacious of rooms with options for 8 hour timers and eco-conscious settings for worry-free use.

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Isiler Space Heater

Compared to other heaters on the market, Isiler’s design uses a unique triangular silhouette instead of an elongated rectangular form. This pyramid-like heater sits more steadily on surfaces with less risk of being tipped over. Plus, it heats within seconds to warm up rooms up to 108 square feet in size.

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Coolwin Space Heater

Coolwin sets you up with three heat models and endless safety features like a heat-resistant coating and automatic on-off switch for added protection if the unit falls over. With no open flame and an adjustable thermostat too, this space heater is one that should be added to your cart.


space heater, heater, warmth, space, amazon, coolwin
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