Best Window and Street Signs For Small Businesses As You Begin To Reopen

As stay-at-home orders began loosening and states commence their reopening processes, restaurants and small businesses can also start their own steps to unlock their doors.

From sneaker stores to independent boutiques to local crafts shops and everything in between, it’s vital to alert your customers and potential clientele of your reopening and new practices. Employing visible and clear signage is an important step as it draws in attention and provides a physical, continuous announcement. Inform any passersby of new specials with a customizable chalkboard, display your openness with a can’t-miss flag or remind consumers to shop local with a 10-feet-long sign.

Take a look through FN’s top picks of window and street signs that all smaller businesses should consider as they re-establish themselves in this new retail normal.

Standing Sign: LookOurWay

This set comes with one 5-feet tall open sign and all the tools you could need to get it set up and standing. It’s designed to be clear to read in both calm and windy situations for constant attention-grabbing. The ground spike is 7-feet tall for balanced structuring and a deep hold underground.

look our way, open sign
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Awesome Sign: Primitives

Show off your business’ personality with this hanging sign that sends a message of open and warmness. The sign is also made by a small business itself based out of Lancaster, Penn., so you yourself are supporting a local company by purchasing product.

primitives, sign, awesome
Primitives' open sign.
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Rustic Sign: Juvale

Perfect for jewelry stores, local shops and any more rustic business owner, this hanging sign is appealing to the eye but still alerts any passerby of your state of the business. It also comes with an additional closed sign for clear messaging with a sturdy plywood material that won’t crack or break.

juvale, welcome sign
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To-Go Sign: CarBowz

For food businesses focusing more on pick-up and to-go orders, this standing sign is a must-have for your storefront. Each kit includes a nylon feather flag, a four-piece pole, ground spikes and a heavy-duty storage case. The sewn sleeve slips right over the flag pole for easy assembly with spikes made from galvanized steel for continuous durability. For those outside the restaurant industry, a modified sleeve slip is an attention-getter.

carbowz, pick up, sign
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Buy Local Sign: Sign Destination

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever. Inform your customer base of your roots with this vinyl sign that can fit both inside and outside windows as well as be tied overhead with included holes and grommets. Thanks to the brand’s ink curation, this sign is also treated to protect against UV, humidity and water damage.

buy local sign
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Social Distancing Sign: KitAbility

With new rules and regulations about social distancing, it’s best to ensure total safety in your building by placing a few of these signs throughout your office or store. The fluorescent pink accent is designed to catch the eye, made from an industrial-grade plastic that can be utilized indoors or out. With added holes for nails or screws, this sign makes for easy placement where you need it most.

social distancing, sign
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Neon Sign: Alpine Industries

Nothing draws attention to a business like a classic neon sign that comes equipped with a hanging chain and a plug-in cord. This oval-shaped on from Alpine Industries employs high-quality tempered glass for durability and energy-efficient LED lights that can be displayed in a flashing or steady light mode depending on your preference.

neon sign, alpine industries
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Bathroom Sign: Generation Neon

Cleanliness is key to success and making sure your business stays a safe space throughout the current pandemic. Encourage customers to take the necessary precautions in the bathroom with this bilingual sign. The brand states that assembly time is quick and under two minutes with a strong adhesive that can attach to backsplash, walls or stainless steel even in wet and steamier conditions.

bathroom sign
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Chalkboard Sign: Ilyapa

Charm your way into passerby’s hearts with a customizable chalkboard sign that folds up for easy storage. You can easily add messages thanks to its wide bases and easily cleanable front. The surface is magnetic for attaching clips and flyers as the brand supplies a magnetic eraser and four pieces of white chalk for your convenience. The heavyweight frame can hold up against wind and weather, designed to last for years.

chalkboard sign
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Yard Sign: CGSignLab

This yard sign is effective in that it can be placed in any grassy area to attract attention as more and more people turn to walking for outdoor exercise. Plus, this sign is double-sided so it can be viewed from both directions and is weather-resistant so you don’t have to take it down if rainy weather is on the way in.

yard sign, open sign
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Roadside Sign: Smart Sign

This customizable sign utilizes bold font letters for easy-to-read messages. Place it at the entrance of your store or along the sidewalk to announce anything from specials to new hours to a humorous message that shows off your business’ personality. It is double-sided as well for additional messaging and comes with 314 letters so you don’t run out mid-sentence. The structure is designed to swing a little to catch the eye but can withstand up to 30 mile-per-hour winds as no-slide feet keep it stable.

roadside sign
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Mask Sign: Simply Stated Stationery

Make it clear to your clientele that safety is a priority with this mask-inspired design that both catches the eye and alerts anyone entering the building to wear a mask. Place it on doors and entryway windows for preventative action that alerts guests of the rules before they make it inside. The outdoor vinyl can last a minimum of five years and is easy to apply and easy to remove as situations begin to improve.

mask sign, stationary
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