8 Great Ice Skates for Kids to Get Them Moving This Winter

Finding family-friendly, cold-weather activities can sometimes be a challenge, but one activity that always seems to resonate with many age groups is ice skating. Providing a fun opportunity to celebrate the return of the winter season while also sneaking in a little exercise and fresh air, the timeless family activity helps bring the gang together and entertained for hours on end. Regardless of whether you’ll be frequenting a quaint outdoor ice-skating rink or local frozen pond, you’ll need to make sure that your little ones are well-equipped to tackle the ice with the proper gear.

When selecting the best ice skates for kids, sizing is essential. Opting for a snug-fitting pair of ice skates, whether they be hockey skates or figure skates, is the easiest way to prevent an ankle injury or nasty spill on the ice. It will also ensure that your kids are comfortable while they’re out skating and will help them stay on the ice longer. It’s also important to pay close attention to the grip that the blade has on the ice and opt for ones that are lightweight, strong and sharp. Since buying a pair of ice skates is an investment, you’ll also want to choose ones that have perks such as moisture-wicking linings, quarter padding for comfort, heeled counters for support and hinged ankles for greater flexibility. And, before you step out on the ice, make sure that you’ve broken in your new ice skates to prevent any discomfort and blisters.

Read on to find the best kids’ ice skates at every price point for endless winter fun.

Jackson Ultima Softec Classic Ice Skate

Available in toddler and youth sizes for both girls and boys, these classic ice skates feature a high-quality blade that will allow them to comfortably and securely glide across the ice while also offering optimal ankle and foot support. They’re also available in black, navy and pink as well.

jackson ultima ice skates
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Lake Placid Monarch Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

Equipped with a push-button feature to easily adjust the fit and a stainless steel blade, these durable ice skates won’t give out over time thanks to their waterproof sole and durable construction. Plus, they also have a warm, woven lining and comfortable footbed for added comfort.

lake placid ice skates

DBX Youth Traditional Ice Skate ’20

These recreational level skates are built for all-day comfort thanks to their lined boot and solid construction, allowing your little one to spend hours on the ice without any discomfort or pain.

dbx figure skates
CREDIT: Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Xino Sports Adjustable Ice Skates

Perfect for boys and girls of all ages and shoe sizes, these adjustable ice skates grow with their feet and can be worn as hockey skates or figure skates. Their soft padding provides adequate ankle support while their stainless steel blade promises long-lasting use and stability.

xino ice skates
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

American Athletic Shoe Soft Boot Figure Skates

These top-rated figure skates are designed to keep your feet warm and snug with their soft boot design, while also offering optimal ankle support and glide thanks to its hollow, ground nickel-plated steel blade. In addition to its expert construction, your ice princess will love this pair’s pink trim detailing, which adds a fun pop of color into the mix.

american athletics ice skates
CREDIT: Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Cascade Boys’ Figure Ice Skate

Featuring a synthetic upper for firm ankle support and warm, woven liners with comfortable padding, these figure skates are made to perform and, most importantly, last as your little one’s love for the ice grows. 

Riedell Skates Soft Figure Ice Skates

These ice skates keep your ankles stable on the ice while also allowing complete freedom of movement, so they can tackle those intricate tricks and moves with ease and support. They also offer extra protection with their padded linings, making them perfect for beginner skaters, casual skaters and expert-level skaters.

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