The Best Hand Sanitizer of 2020

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Nowadays, it is more important than ever to have the best hand sanitizer with you at all times.

When there is no access to soap or water, the best hand sanitizer will work to clean your hands of dirt, impurities, germs and more harmful toxins that could potentially lead to an infection or virus; it should also be easy to use as well as nourishing for the skin as to not dry it out. They can come in a mix of designs and sizes, offered in options for spray bottles or handy pumps for portioned use.

Along with face masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages the use of hand sanitizers and soaps to regularly cleanse the skin in addition to avoiding touching your eyes, mouth, face or nose. If following proper precautions, hand sanitizer should be available on you at all times when leaving your home as well as should be provided in entranceways of buildings, classrooms, offices and more.

Ahead, FN found what we, and many hundreds of reviewers, considered the best hand sanitizer on the market

Best Hand Sanitizer: Suave Hand Sanitizer

Effective at killing 99.9% of germs and harmful bacteria, Suave’s hand sanitzier comes in an easy spray-on bottle, sold in packs of six. It contains no added fragrance so it won’t spark up allergies or irritation and it easily fits in bags or on countertops for quick, on-the-go use.

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Suave hand sanitizer.
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Honorable Mentions for Best Hand Sanitizer:

Germ-X Hand Sanitizer

Germ-X is one of the world’s most trusted brands when it comes to hand sanitizer and for good reason. The pack of four bottles eliminates harmful germs and substances in as little as 15 seconds with added moisturizers and vitamin E to ensure that your hands stay soft.

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Artnaturals Hand Sanitizer

Following in the direction of its name, Artnaturals only uses pure, natural ingredients in its hand sanitizers such as aloe vera, vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish hands on top of cleansing them. Coming in a duo of bottles, the formula is also scent-free to work gently on the skin with sulfate-free and paraben-free effects making it a contender for best hand sanitizer.

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Honeyskin Hand Sanitizer

Not only does Honeyskin’s hand sanitizer eliminate germs and toxins, but it also rejuvenates the hands and boosts immunity. Its infusions include witch hazel, rosemary oil, Irish moss extract, oregano and peppermint oil amongst others, ingredients known to rich in antioxidants and purifying capabilities. Shop this solution in individual bottles with pumps or in bulk 64 oz. or gallon size.

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SupplyAid Hand Sanitizer

Act fast against germs and viruses by using SupplyAid’s product, available in a 2-pack. Joining the competition for the best hand sanitizer, it contains more alcohol percentage than most brands to provide a strong defense against harmful substances but also uses aloe vera to replenish dried skin.

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Pura d’Or Hand Sanitizer

Pura d’Or allows for quick, waterless cleansing in a therapeutic manner in two bottles per pack. Tea tree oil in the solution assists with purification as peppermint oil provides relaxing properties along with lavender and lemongrass essential oil to give a finishing touch of a calming, soothing scent.

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Healing Solutions Hand Sanitizer

Stock up on portable hand sanitizers thanks to Healing Solutions, offering bulk packages up to 768 bottles for schools and businesses. The gel is fast drying for quick results and is said to be thicker and less runny than certain water-based products for less mess and spillage, a reason it made the running for best hand sanitizer.

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NXN Hand Sanitizer

Made right her in the United States, NXN offers a scent-free hand sanitizer in convenient pump bottles with your pick of three or four per pack. The refreshing gel both hydrates and cleanses with no fuss or flair, just effective results.

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Babyganics Hand Sanitizer

Younger hands need to be cleaned, too, so Babyganics formed a solution that is made for developing skin. Coming in a three-pack of decorated pump bottles, this product is derived from plants making it free of parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances and dyes. Plus, it foams up so it is effortless for kids to use on their own without causing a mess. For kids specifically, this may be the best hand sanitizer of its kind.

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Sanit Hand Sanitizer

For classrooms, offices, building entryways and more, you need a major amount of hand sanitizer to control the influx of traffic. Sanit’s large bottle comes readied with a pump control for individual use as well as vitamin E and aloe vera to help restore moisture to newly cleaned hands.

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EO Hand Sanitizer

EO makes one of the best hand sanitizers as it marries together cleaning products and calming essential oils in an effective, carryable spray bottle. Providing you with a case of six, you can throw these sprays in your purse or pocket for travel to get refreshed palms with a calming lavender scent.

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