Best Foot Massagers, According to Amazon Reviews

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Our feet go through a lot. Whether you’re a runner, dancer, nurse or simply spend hours running errands on the weekend, repeated stress from everyday life causes feet to become achy and sore. Regularly visiting a masseuse will relieve pain, but typically isn’t your most affordable solution if you’re on a budget. Thankfully, investing in a foot massager can help you achieve similar results without breaking the bank.

In addition to relieving chronic aches — including those associated with plantar fasciitis — foot massagers also help improve circulation and stimulate muscles. How do they work? Many are equipped with heating functions for this purpose and offer a deep kneading sensation to target areas where you need relief most. And just as if you were getting a professional massage, they’re great for helping you wind down after a long day’s work.

To make your shopping a little easier, we’ve rounded up a range of top-rated foot massagers to shop on Amazon. From portable styles to more heavy-duty options that will help soothe both the calves and feet, there’s something here to satisfy any customer’s needs. Even better? They can fit any budget, with some models starting as low as $10.

1. Moji Foot Pro Compact Foot Massager

Made with a lightweight, compact design, this travel-friendly option from Moji features six stainless steel spheres that work to massage all parts of the foot. It can be used either sitting down or standing up (thanks to a slip-resistant base that will keep you stable) and be placed in the freezer to further reduce swelling.

One reviewer says: “This massager is perfect for working on my heel pain. I start with a light rub and then press more deeply as my foot gets used to the pressure. I keep it under my computer table, and am actually using it as I write this.”

Moji Foot Pro Compact Foot Massager
CREDIT: Amazon

2. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

TheraFlow’s Dual foot massager is a number one best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. Inspired by ancient Chinese reflexology techniques, each roller on this wooden style features triangular protrusions to target pressure points, as well as a separate roller at the back featuring cylindrical nubs (according to reflexology theories, these numbs are meant to stimulate specific meridian points throughout the body by exerting pressure on the soles of feet, which may in turn help improve circulation and relieve chronic pain). The ergonomic design is also curved to mold to the natural shape of your foot, features anti-slip pads underneath to keep the unit stable while in use and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

One reviewer says: “I’ve had the product for a few days and used it several times a day for up to 2 minutes each time. The product is absolutely fantastic! It’s comfortable and easy to use — just sit, relax and gently move your feet back and forth. As for results — WOW! My feet so relaxed, whereas before they always felt tight. Nerve endings are soothed. More than this, there have been far-reaching effects all over my body. For instance, I carry stress in my shoulders and neck. After a session with the massager, that area feels relaxed. When I use it briefly after a meal, my digestion seems greatly improved.”

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

3. RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Massager

With over 24,000 customers reviews (85% of which are four or five stars), this handheld device is a must-have for travel or home use. It offers four percussion modes and comes with five massage heads to achieve different sensations and target various areas of the body. The single point and rounded massage heads are great for soothing arches and sore balls of feet. On top of all that, the style is cordless, and the battery should last for over two hours of consistent use when fully charged.

One reviewer says: “My daughter has extremely flat feet and has significant pain in the evenings when she’s been on her feet all day. She uses this device often to ease her pain. The different attachments provide flexibility in the way you use it. This is a great massager and I highly recommend it!”

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Foot Massager
CREDIT: Amazon

4. HoMedics Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

Set on a platform with two foot-shaped areas, this shiatsu-style massager offers a circular kneading sensation for deep, full-length relief. It’s also equipped with an optional heat function to penetrate sore muscles and stimulate blood flow. And even if you have large feet, this spacious design should still work for you.

One reviewer says: “This was the perfect gift for an aging parent who has arthritic feet. With many foot massage units, you have to slip your feet into a contained area and it “squeezes” your foot during the massage — but my parent’s arthritis makes that impossible (and painful). To be able to place your feet atop the Homedics unit is perfect for Mom. To get relief, she simply pushed the start button with her toe or heel (she doesn’t even have to bend down to start the unit). She loves this foot massager and uses it every day to ease her pain.”

HoMedics Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

5. Conair Foot/Pedicure Spa

While this option delivers a more mild massage than most, it’s great for treating yourself to an at-home spa experience. The mini foot tub can be filled with warm water to help reduce tension and soften the skin. It also features nodes along the floor and sides for manual massaging once your feet are inside, plus a mellow vibration feature you can utilize while your feet soak.

One reviewer says: “This has been clutch during this quarantine. Yes the bubbles are slightly noisy and splatter a little, but it’s not a big deal. Lots of people in the reviews I read said this doesn’t keep the water hot….but I put REALLY hot water in there in the beginning, expecting it to cool off quickly based on the other reviews, and ended up having to put ice cubes in it to cool it down lol. So I feel like if you’re not soaking your feet for like 3 hours then it stays perfectly hot enough.”

Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa with Soothing Vibration Massage
CREDIT: Amazon

6. Human Touch Reflex-4″ Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

This bootie-like massager allows you to target the feet and calves all in one go. Powerful rollers at the base provide a deep massage underfoot, while pressure is applied around the calves in an upward, wave-like motion to emulate the feel of trained human hands. Bonus: the massager comes with an adjustable tilt to help you achieve comfortable alignment, as well as washable sleeve inserts for easy cleaning. If you’re willing to splurge on a foot massager, this option gives you a lot for your money.

One reviewer says: “My wife is an RN and works 12-hour shifts, and loves this massager so much, she uses it two or three times a day. The unit is big — you’ll have to shelve it in the closet between uses — but the styling is beautiful, so it looks good even if it sits out. The controls are simple, and she loves all four settings. If your loved one is on their feet a lot and has some pain or tension in the lower legs and feet, this will help. It earns my highest recommendation.”

Human Touch Reflex-4" Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager
CREDIT: Amazon

7. Physix Gear Massage Balls

Conveniently sized to pop in your gym bag, these handy roller balls feature small spikes to target tight muscles and increase flexibility. Despite their rubber exterior, these are designed to provide ample resistance against the foot for ah-inducing relief after just five minutes of rolling. They’re so good, in fact, a whopping 94% of reviewers have these four or five star ratings.

One reviewer says: “These balls are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I had a really painful back injury and was able to rehabilitate it through ice and hot packs, massage and using these balls in strategic sore spots. Since I started using the balls my dancing has improved so much. In just a week i increased my body’s range of motion by leaps and bounds. Anyone athletic who wants to stay in top shape should learn how to use these balls for muscle relief. There really is nothing else that does the job and gets in nooks and crannies the way that these balls do their magic.”

Physix Gear Massage Balls
CREDIT: Amazon

8. Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Set

This versatile set comes with two spiked roller balls (one for a softer massage and one for a firmer massage) as well as a roller bar designed to deeply penetrate muscles. With your purchase, you also get an e-book and drawstring carrying bag, so you can easily take the set with you wherever you go.

One reviewer says: “The all-surface-usable design of the foot roller is one the most comfortable I’ve ever tried. The balls are great for intense massage and I love that they come in different densities. I just got this package but will be using it a long time. I appreciate this brand and would recommend it highly over more expensive options that I’ve used previously.”

 Simple Spectra Foot Massager Roller & Spiky Ball Set
CREDIT: Amazon

9. Nekteck Foot Massager

Similar to the Homedics design, this option is designed as a platform with foot-shaped areas, rotating heads and a heat function. However, this option can be set to three different heights and includes a built-in handle to make transport a breeze — particularly if you choose to use this one at the office.

One reviewer says: “I don’t know if I have purchased a more delightful item. I’ve had neuropathy in my left foot for a year and a half and had every form of treatment. While this certainly doesn’t “cure” my issue, it sure does bring relief. For people saying it doesn’t get warm, I simply must disagree. It gets very warm but does cycle on and off with the heat source. I do have high arches and must say it doesn’t always hit the arch as well as it could (which they do tell you in the product description) but you can manipulate your feet up and down the rollers to hit any location you wish. I cannot recommend this item highly enough. If you are reading this review right now, don’t waste another moment deciding, just buy it!”

Nekteck Foot Massager
CREDIT: Amazon

10. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Unlike the other options our list, this design features two deep chambers that fully encompass each foot. Once inside, your feet will enjoy the machine’s deep kneading and rolling sensations, optional heat function and five air pressure settings you can customize to your liking. The unit also features a touchscreen panel and LCD screen for easy viewing, but it also comes with two wireless remotes so you don’t have to bend down to adjust the settings.

One reviewer says: “I have diabetes, and foot neuropathy is a concern for me. I was committed to getting a foot massager, read the reviews on Amazon and decided on the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager… LOVE IT!!! It’s virtually half the price of Brookstone models and every bit as good. I’ve had it less than a week and use it every evening. I’ve noticed an incredible uptick in my energy and can’t recommend this product too highly. My wife has plantar fasciitis, and I encouraged her to use the foot massager. It’s now a nightly ritual for both of us.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon
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