The Best Fitness Mirrors That Will Upgrade Your At-Home Workouts

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Creating an at-home workout isn’t always an easy, especially if you’re a beginner or lacking the floor space and equipment. With stay-at-home orders still being enforced and access to gyms and personal trainers limited, fitness buffs have been turning to smart gym equipment like fitness mirrors to help execute their exercise routines from the comfort of their own homes.

These innovative mirror-shaped gadgets successfully eliminate the guesswork of crafting a fitness regimen by offering streamable workouts led by real instructors. These classes, which are available through a subscription service, are offered for a range of skills levels and great for discovering new ways to get active; you have the option to choose from a variety of workouts including yoga, strength training, cardio exercises and more to suit your preference. And the best part is, you don’t need a lot of room in order to reap its health and fitness benefits. Just like a regular mirror, all that’s required is some wall space to hang it up, plus some room on the floor in front of it so you can move freely.

Most fitness mirrors feature some sort of integrated camera so the program is able to track your movements and connect you with your instructor to offer you feedback in real-time. While every fitness mirror is different, it’s not uncommon for them to be touch screen-operated. In fact, some are compatible with smartphone apps that allow you to control the screen from your device.

In terms of gear, each fitness mirror is different when it comes to what’s included and what needs to be bought separately. For some, heart rate monitors and weights come with the mirror and even incorporate shelving into their design so you can conveniently store your workout gear.

Excited to join the world of virtual fitness? Read on to find the best fitness mirrors that will upgrade your at-home workouts.


For those looking for weight-lifting exercises, then the Tempo is for you. While it’s not technically a mirror, this virtual at-home fitness hub is housed in a compact stand that matches any home decor aesthetic. Tempo also offers hundreds of workouts that range from strength and mobility to HIIT and cardio, including options for recovery workouts as well. To track your movements, it’s equipped with a motion-capturing AI system that hones in to create a 3-D model of your body and carefully monitor you as you workout and report your form back to your trainer.

The comprehensive set comes with a barbell and dumbells, plus a complete set of weights for every skill level. It also includes a heart rate monitor, a recovery roller and a workout mat to ensure you’ve got everything you need to follow along. The Studio stand even features compartments to strategically store all of your gear, so you don’t have to worry about clutter and figuring out where to put your new lifting set.

tempo fitness mirror
CREDIT: Courtesy of Tempo Studio

Echelon Reflect Touch

This fitness mirror delivers an all-around incredible workout thanks to its interactive design, which features a touch-operated 50-inch screen, front-facing camera, built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity for heart rate monitors. It offers hundreds of on-demand workouts including high-energy cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, boxing and more taught by the industry’s finest instructors. Like The Mirror, the Echelon fitness mirror can be placed on a stand or mounted on the wall depending on your preference and floor plan. It doesn’t come with gear, so make sure you’ve got a gym mat and other at-home workout equipment handy.

What sets the Echelon Reflect Touch apart from other fitness mirrors on the market is its social media aspect. After subscribing, you’re enlisted in the program’s point-based system that tracks your progress using your heart rate levels and minutes spent exercising, and allows you to connect and compete with friends.

echelon fitness mirror
CREDIT: Courtesy of Echelon

The Mirror

As the first fitness mirror to come on the scene, The Mirror has been changing the fitness world since its debut in 2018. A subscription is required to access The Mirror’s expansive catalog of workouts, which offers thousands of programs that cover over 20 categories of fitness, including yoga, cardio, barre, boxing and more. It includes a front-facing camera, so you can connect one-on-one with fitness experts during your workouts, and a privacy cover for when the camera is not in use.

Intended to be sleek, the model is leaner in size compared to other fitness mirrors and can either be placed on a stand against the wall or mounted. The Mirror connects to your smartphone using the Mirror companion app and is controlled through your device, not through the actual Mirror itself. It’s also compatible with Apple watches and other Bluetooth heart rate monitors, so it can keep track of your heart rate as you break a sweat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with gear, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

the mirror
CREDIT: Courtesy of The Mirror


Tonal has expert-led programs that guide you step-by-step through workouts that are geared for beginners, intermediates and experts. Boasting a touch-screen display, easily-mounted design and convenient adjustable arms to support upper and lower body movements, Tonal helps you achieve a full-body workout with ease — all without using traditional weights.

What makes this fitness mirror so unique is its digital weight system, which is the product of state-of-the-art science and technology. It uses magnets and electricity to deliver you a smooth weight lifting experience based on thousands of calculations made from adapting to your body in real-time based on your strength and pace. But don’t worry, your workouts won’t be limited; it offers up to 200 pounds of resistance and supports hundreds of moves. By eliminating inertia, Tonal provides resistance throughout the entire rep so you’re getting a more efficient and effective workout.

Tonal also comes fully-stocked with Smart Handles, a Smart Bar, a rope, bench, roller and workout mat so you can start working out as soon as you install your fitness mirror. It even connects to your smartphone so you can track your progress, set goals, connect with other Tonal users and find other ways to improve your workouts.

tonal fitness mirror
CREDIT: Courtesy of Tonal

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