8 Face Shields To Protect Yourself This Season

With face coverings becoming essential for those of us venturing outdoors, you need to consider all the choices available. While face masks are portable and compact, face shields are another option that might suit your needs best – especially as the weather gets warmer. Whether you wear glasses, want to wear your sun-blocking frames, or get too hot with a mask, face shields will keep your face cooler and won’t make your lenses go foggy. And they are a highly effective alternative, too.

These products usually are reserved for healthcare workers and hospital staff to use alongside N95 masks. However, according to findings from a 2014 study from the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene on the “Efficacy of Face Shields Against Cough Aerosol Droplets From Cough Simulation,” face shields appear to protect the wearer from 96% of cough droplets.

With this high level of protection and their lightweight appeal, face shields are not an option to gloss over.

Sunzel 10-Pack Face Shields

Crafted with PET+ material, these face shields allow you to stock up in bulk and offer anti-fog protection with light-transmission to see clearly. They feature an elastic band around the head and sponge head guard for a comfortable and lightweight feel.


Art To Frames Protective Face Shields

These fully-clear shields come in packs of 1, 2, 5 or 10 items with PET acrylic construction and are cleanable and reusable. They’re designed with 180-degree protection and can be easily worn with glasses or a mask underneath if desired.


Millennial Essentials UV Protection Shield

For those who work out or like to spend a lot of time outdoors, this reflective face shield protects against the sun’s rays while providing a futuristic feel. It has tinted lenses, a moisture-wicking headband and an adjustable closure for secure and comfortable wear.


Pleson Face Shield 5-Pack

These lightweight shields provide an elastic headband and sponge forehead guard for a tailored fit and cushioned protection. It has double-sided anti-fog visibility and is in a longline silhouette to better safeguard your face.



U.S.A-Made Klearstand 2-Pack Face Shields

Constructed from polycarbonate, this dual pack offers supportive and adjustable protection with heavy-duty elastic bands around the head and padded front band.


Waycom UV Protection Face Shield

With a UV400 and adjustable lens angle, this face shield provides protection from germs and the natural elements. The face shield features a cotton liner and is temperature resistant. It is wind and waterproof, too.


Sweet Dream 10-Pack Face Shields

These bulk-packs come in six sizes to ensure that you get the proper fit. They offer padded head guards across the forehead and spread an important message along the front without sharing germs.


Hisshe UV-Protection Face Shield

For a fashionable yet functional shield in time for the warm weather, this headband-inspired option allows you to stay safe without sacrificing style. With a UV-400 protective lens, this product features 360-degree mobility, a cotton liner across the head and embellished jewel detailing on the sides.


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