Best Face Masks for Exercise, Cycling and Running

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Wearing a face mask during exercise, running and cycling or other forms of fitness or activity is no easy feat. It innately tends to restrict your natural breathing pattern as it covers the mouth and nose. Luckily, many brands are adapting to this new normal with face masks specifically designed to be worn during exercise. These products offer high levels of breathability through unique materials and compression fabrics, all wicking away moisture to keep your face both protected and sweat-free.

Governments around the world as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are insisting, with good reason, on wearing face masks during any situation where social distance cannot be maintained. These coverings provide an effective barrier between yourself and others, keeping everyone safe at once even during runs or bike rides.

Read on to shop FN’s top picks for the best face masks for exercise be it an outdoor run, cycle or training session.

Outdoor Research Face Mask

This one-size-fits-all mask ensures comfortability for your workouts. It comes treated to resist to particles and germs in the air, with a moisture-wicking, water- and stain-repellent construction. The stretchable material forms to your face for slip-free wear in addition to adjustable earloops for a custom feel.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Dillard's

Champion Cotton Wicking Face Mask

Made from moisture-wicking 100% cotton materials, this face mask makes sure you will stay sweat-free all workout long. Washable and reusable, the mask includes special X-Temp technology to help you stay cool and dry for wear after wear. The ear loops as well are made from a soft fabric to rest easily on the skin.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Champion

Concept Ar Face Mask

Not only is this face mask sleek on the exterior, it includes a ViralOff technology for self-cleaning capabilities. The three-layer filtration system cleans the air as you breathe in with a water-repellent seal to keep particles out from the start. Plus, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear during fitness routines.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Concept Ar

Rhone 3-Layer Face Mask

Formed with an ultra-soft three-layer construction, Rhone ensures ease of wear for workout after workout. The moldable nose bridge keeps it locked down as bungee ear loops flex and move with your every movement. And best of all, it includes GoldFushion technology, made with real gold particles for quick-drying capabilities and odor control.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Rhone

Rawlings Performance Face Mask

Designed for athletes, Rawlings created sweat-ready face masks to take on any sport or fitness routine. The design includes moisture-wicking fabric that is soft to the touch to reduce any irritation or chafing on the skin. Expertly formulated to stay put during movement, the anti-microbial finish creates a continuously clean appeal with behind-the-head straps for a secure fit.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Halo Life Face Mask

Combining a mix of quality materials, Halo Life offers a fitness face mask for the ages. The brand parallels a sport mesh exterior with a smooth bamboo lining, allowing for breathability while still wicking moisture off the skin. It comes with replaceable filters as well for fully purified air and an adjustable nose clip to create a locked-down feel on the face.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Zensah Performance Face Mask

Zensah offers a top-of-the-line performance quality response with this mask. Set with a secure around-head strap and a balancing neck strap as well, this mask reduces pull on the ears while still following the contours of your face with its seamless construction. Compression technology finishes it out for a moisture-wicking touch that holds tight without slipping off.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Zappos

Adidas Face Mask

The Adidas face mask features soft and breathable dual layers of recycled polyester and elastane for a washable and reusable design. With a tight fit for ultimate coverage, the face masks also incorporate stretchable ear straps and come in packs of three.

adidas, face mask, blue
Adidas face mask.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Adidas

Sleefs Face Mask

Sleefs’ adjustable masks are equipped with a specialized Silvadur antibacterial material that is filled with polymer-containing silver-technology. The technology releases silver ions that then kill microbes causing odor in the mask. This way you can sweat away without worrying about bacterial residue or smelly masks.

sleefs, face mask
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sleefs

Puma Face Mask

This affordable face mask duo from Puma brings easy wear to your workouts. The cloth products utilize three layers of protection with adjustable straps around each ear. They are designed to keep you cool and comfortable, with easy stretch back to their original shape after washing.

puma, face masks
CREDIT: Courtesy of Puma

Athleta Face Mask

Made from a blend of polyester and spandex for stretch with a cotton lining for breathability and comfort, these non-medical masks are easily reusable and have been tested to last through at least 20 home washes. Secured with adjustable elastic straps, the masks are machine washable for quick cleaning and are designed to be light and airy on the skin with patterns including camouflage as well as solid colorways.

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Athleta's face masks for women.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Athleta

Mission Face Mask

As the weather warms up, you can help your body stay cool and safe with this neck gaiter from Mission. It rises up over the mouse and nose with its stretchy fabric, staying chilled for up to two hours. Providing UPF-50 sun protection, you can wear it in direct sunlight without worry.

mission, neck gaiter
CREDIT: Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Wolford Face Mask

Wolford’s face masks are unique in that they include a water-repellent finish to fight off moisture buildup, sweat, rain and more. The aerated fabric makes sure you are breathing easy throughout your workout, assisted by highly elastic ear straps that stretch with your every move. An aluminum nose wire and contoured top shape create a customizable fit across the face for a full seal as well.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Zappos

Uniqlo Face Mask

The athleisure brand is offering packs of reusable non-medical face masks made from a specialized Airism fabric that wicks away moisture. The design also includes a washable built-in filter for purified breathing on the second layer with the third outer layer including Airism mesh to block UV rays and allow for breathability. The masks are available in a mix of shades as well, retailing in packs of three for convenience.

Uniqlo, airism face mask
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BlackStrap Face Mask

Also made from entirely repurposed material are BlackStrap’s face masks. The machine-washable and moisture-wicking designs feature a double-layer construction with a tightly-woven outer shell to block out any harmful particles in the air. The inner layer uses a breathable liner with built-in antimicrobial properties to be gentle on your breath and your skin.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Reebok Face Mask

Coming in a pack of three, Reebok employs its top-of-the-line athletic wear production into these face mask. They’re constructed from two layers of fabric for breathability and protection with a tight fit for coverage and stability. Washable for daily use, it provides full nose and mouth coverage with stretchy ear straps as well.

reebok, face masks
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Onzie Face Mask

Coming in a pack of two, Onzie provides masks that are soft to the touch to help you along during your workouts. The spandex straps stretch without pulling on the earlobe as quick-drying, breathable material allows for continuous wear mile after mile. Made from up-cycled activewear, these masks are both sustainable and protective. You can find the designs in a variety of both bold and subdued prints to match any athleisure of your choice.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Onzie

Koral Face Mask

Cut from excess fabric leftover from the brand’s most popular performance styles, right off the bat these products are sustainably made. The masks offer benefits like quick-drying technology, antimicrobial finish for reduction of any buildup and extra stretch capabilities. And so you don’t end up with a bad mask burn, the designs also include breathable UV protection.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Koral

Page One Face Masks

Wrap your full face in protection with these neck gaiter-style mask. Moisture-wicking and quick-dry fabric keep you constantly cool with over a dozen different ways it can be worn. With four-way stretch capabilities, it offers UV protection with an adjustable back drawstring for a close fit as desired.

page one, face mask
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Carbon38 Face Mask

Carbon38 is known for its top-of-the-line workout gear and has transformed those products into slick face masks. Available in a mix of patterns, this two-pack of masks provides you with a multi-layered protection system working from the inside out to keep you safe. With fast-drying material and adjustable ear straps, the brand even provides a useful laundry bag for easy cleaning after a long day at the gym.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Carbon38

Under Armour Face Mask

Under Armour joined the face mask game with its design specially crafter for athletes and runners. Employing high-performance signature materials, a structured construction keeps the mask from sitting on the face and lip for added breathability. A water-resistant outer shell reduces moisture, an anti-microbial inner treatment keeps things fresh and an Iso-Chill fabric makes it feel cool to the touch even after hours of wear.

Under Armour UA Sportsmask
Under Armour UA Sportsmask.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Under Armour

Pioneeryao Face Mask

Designed to improve your lung capacity during a workout, this mask uses two valves to allow the breath to flow out without causing hot air buildup within the mask. An adjustable nose clip prevents fogging of sunglasses or goggles as a hook and loop strap lets you decide on your preference of tightness around the back of the head.

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CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Jaanuu Face Mask

Jaanuu also employs SIlvadur technology in its mask but instead offers them in bulk five packs for anyone looking to stock up. The material of this product is adverse to discoloration or deterioration, so it can last you run after run without breaking down.

jaanuu, face masks, revolve
CREDIT: Courtesy of Revolve

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