16 Best Elevator Shoes for Men to Look Up to 4 Inches Taller

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Elevator shoes allow you to inconspicuously add extra inches to your look. Instead of including a towering heel or platform, these footwear styles include height-boosting layers in the midsole, otherwise known as shoe lifts, that typically provide between a 2 to 5-inch lift for the wearer. There are a handful of brands that specialize in these types of footwear, including Chamaripa, Calto and Toto. Many offer dress shoe styles as well as casual looks like sneakers and ankle boots. And to keep you comfortable on your feet all-day, they also include ample cushioning.

With our selection of the best elevator shoes for men, you can easily elevate your look  — both literally and aesthetically — for various occasions. Whether you’re heading to work or out with friends on the weekend, it’s easy to integrate these styles into your outfit rotation. Not to mention they may eliminate the need shorten the length of your pant hems.

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Jota Shoes Elevator Dress Shoe

Grow 3 inches overnight with these shoes, which feature a hidden heel that will make you look noticeably taller. Additionally, these shoes offer a leather upper construction with a sleek, sharp cap-toe design. The outsole is lightweight and flexible to increase natural mobility and movement.

Jota Shoes, elevator shoes
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Calden Elevator Shoes

Dress up your look and stay in style with these trendy square-toe loafers. The heel measures 1.25-inches with an extra 1.75-inch lift on the interior for a total 3-inch boost. The convenient laceless design lets you slip these right on and get on your way as hidden elastic gore stretches to fit your unique foot shape and width.

calden, loafers, elevator shoes
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Calto Dress Boot Elevator Shoes

This lace-up style is trendy, stylish and adds 3.6 inches of height. The pair has a smooth leather upper, round cap toe and durable built-in sole that provides added elevation. A Goodyear Welt construction means these boots can be put to the test with an ergonomic design that allows for enough room in the shoe on top of the lifted insert.

calto lace up boot

Calto Chelsea Boots Elevator Shoes

With 2.6 inches of built-in height, these cool Chelsea boots are bound to be a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe. A square-toe front falls in line with trending footwear designs and their shorter shaft length lets them slip right under the hem of most pants. Meanwhile, a double-stitched construction allows for durability, while the shock-absorbing insoles provide a comfortable step.

calto chelsea boots from tall men shoes

Chamaripa Brogues Elevator Shoes

Also from Chamaripa, these crisp lace-up brogues include genuine leather, padded insoles and 2.76 inches of added height. A contrast outsole with perforated edges offer a bold take on the traditional oxford silhouette.

chamaripa, brogues
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Cerythrina Flannelette Dress Elevator Shoes

With a dockside-inspired look, this style is perfect for date night or more casual outing with its hidden 2.4-inch lift. Its upper features genuine suede panels for contrast as well as breathable mesh. The plush lining also helps keep feet comfortable during colder weather, while a non-slip outsole offers stability.

cerythiria, elevator shoes
Elevator Shoes.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Toto Oxfords Elevator Shoes

Dress for success with these sleek oxford shoes with perforated detailing, trendy square toe and comfort cushioning insoles — plus an added 3-inches of total lift. The leather is burnished and waxed for an ultra-smooth finish that comes in various shades.

toto, oxfords, elevator shoes
Toto Oxfords.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Toto Sandals Elevator Shoes

Even as the weather warms up, you can still continue wearing elevator shoes thanks to Toto’s sandal design that manages to incorporate 3 inches of height. The closed-toe finish protects feet from dirt and debris, as cutouts allow for aeration. Finished with double stitching and an adjustable closure, this pair is meant to last for continuous wear.

toto, elevator shoes, sandals
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Ailishabroy Sneakers Elevator Shoes

With a 2.4-inch height boost, you can keep your rugged style with these leather sneakers but still elevate your frame without anyone knowing. They also feature a canvas inner lining for a breathable and comfortable fit, too.

sneakers, elevator shoes
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Calto High-Top Elevator Shoes

For day or night, this sleek high-top sneaker features a padded collar and lace-up front. Supple nubuck uppers make these more flexible than you would think so they won’t restrict ankle mobility. A 2.6-inch height addition makes this elevator shoe a must-have for your closet.

calto, elevator shoes, sneakers
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Chamaripa Black Sneaker Elevator Shoes

Adding 2.76 inches of hidden height, Chamaripa’s futuristic leather elevator sneakers feature a white chunky outsole and wear-resistant finish for longevity. Mesh uppers allow for breathability as a fabric lining reduces friction and chafing.

black height increasing sneaker, Chamaripa
CREDIT: Chamaripa

Chamaripa Elevator Tuxedo Dress Shoes

Offering a little over 3 inches of additional height, these sophisticated shoes add to your stature and pair with professional ensembles or formal wear. They have leather construction with a narrow toe and padded insole for enhanced support and comfort. From the office to weddings and everything in between, you’ll want these sleek shoes in your repertoire.


Calden Elevator Lightwear Sports Sneakers

These chunky lace-up shoes offer a sizable boost of 4 inches. With a textured sole and padded collar, this standout pair provides the perfect balance of steadiness and comfort.



Calto Elevator Wingtip Oxford Shoes

For an extra 3 inches of height, the shoe provides a bespoke feel with an all-leather upper and micro-perforations throughout. They also feature a cushioned insole with a square toe and visible stacked heel for a modern take on this elevated, classic footwear choice.


Chamaripa Elevator Motorcycle Boots

Refresh your biker boot collection with this elevated version of the edgy style. These boots feature a 2.76-inch padded insole, as well as a heel tab and side zippers for easy on and off. Metal eyelets at the top of the boot add a subtle dose of hardware.


Chamaripa Elevator Low-Top Sneaker

With 2.36 inches of extra height, these classic athletic sneakers are a subtle way to add inches to your off-duty uniform. They have a hollow design, lace-up front, and a treaded sole for steady strides. Plus, an adjustable drawstring closure ensures these shoes will stay at your desired tightness all day long.

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