The Best Disposable Face Masks, According to Amazon Customer Reviews

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There’s a greater risk of transmission from COVID-19’s latest delta variant and many experts warn of a pandemic 2.0 of the unvaccinated. Recently, The Center for Disease Control, aka the CDC, has reversed course on mask guidance as cases rise across the country. The US federal health agency  is now advising that individuals wear a mask indoors and at crowded outdoor spaces, particularly in areas with high infection rates. And yes, they’re talking about the people who’ve completed the two jab mRNA series of Pfizer and Moderna or those who received a single-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson, too.

Despite the inconvenience, wearing a face mask still reduces your chance of contracting this high-contagious and predominant strain of coronavirus and protects those vulnerable around you. In fact, there has been an uptick of breakthrough infections as of late, so it’s even more important than ever to mask up to prevent future mutations from developing and infecting our communities.

At this point, we’ve all added at least a few fun face coverings to our wardrobes as more brands have turned to launching  masks over the past year. While reusable cloth masks are less wasteful for the environment, it is also true that disposable surgical styles are more lightweight, effective, and comfortable to wear, especially in the sweaty heat. And with some retailers in California and New York mandating masks again,  it’s time to top up on your stock — pronto.

Fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up the best 13 disposable face masks for you to add to your Amazon carts right now, based on glowing customer reviews and ratings. Keep reading to discover them all and shop your favorites ahead.

PM PerformMotor Disposable Face Cover

Black face masks have been a popular look as they can go with any outfit. The PM PerformMotor Disposable Face Cover ranks number one in medical face masks on Amazon and number three in personal protective equipment. The three-layered mass protects from dust and the inside layer is made of a soft fiber that absorbs hot air exhaled by the body to keep the skin dry and comfortable. The mask features an adjustable soft nose clip and high elastic ear loops. A fifty pack retails for $15 at Amazon.

What reviewers say: “Comfortable, breathable, and have a nose bridge wire to secure mask in place. Feels thicker and of better quality than regular surgical face mask.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

ZTANPS Face Masks, Pack of 50

These fun face masks come in five bright colors including 10 pieces each of pink, purple, yellow, green and blue.  The 3-ply disposable mask is designed for a softer, smoother feel comfortable for all-day wear. Featuring universal elastic ear loops, the ZTANPS Face Mask is an easy and painless fit.

What reviewers say: “Comfortable and super soft paper face masks. I work where I need to wear a paper mask for over 12 hours, and these are so much softer than what is provided at my work. The colors are vibrant and fun. Ear loops are soft and did not irritate me at all.”

Face Mask,Pack of 50 Disposable Face Mask for Men & Women
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Wecolor 100 pcs Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask

If you’re shopping on a budget and looking to get the best bang for your buck, try out Wecolor’s 100 pack of disposable 3-ply face masks. The non-woven face masks feature an elastic ear loop and embedded nose clip. Made out of premium non-woven fabric, the mask material is soft to the touch and the layers better filter the air. Keep this large pack in your car or at the office for only $23 at Amazon.

What reviewers say: “Let me tell you these masks make me want to start a girl gang.Not only are they fashionable and sleek (they don’t even look like medical masks to some!) but they are lightweight.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Healthify Disposable 3-Layer Protective Face Mask

These high quality disposable masks are made from non-woven fabric that’s designed to be soft and comfortable on the skin. The three-layer, filtering mask ensures a physical barrier to protection and can help block pollution so you can breathe easy in any environment. The masks features elastic ear loops and ensure full coverage of the nose and mouth. For $15, you can get them as a pack of 50 masks.

What reviewers say: “The best feature for me is the nose strip. It contours perfectly to my face and holds its shape all day long.”

The best disposable face masks
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Wudida Disposable Protective Mask

Coming in four colorways (blue, white, black and pink), the Wudida disposable face mask has an outer layer made of waterproof non-woven fabric. The size of the mask is suitable for everyone to wear, measuring 6.89 by 7.4 inches with adjustable elastic ear loops and an adjustable nose clip. You get 50 total masks that come in smaller individual packs of 10, which should be enough to meet the daily needs of your friends, family and co-workers.

What reviewers say: “I love how they come in separate packs, so now we keep packs in different places so they are always accessible when needed. The quality of the mask is very high.”

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Hotodeal Disposable Protective Mask

With over 5,800 five and four-star reviews, the Hotodeal face mask features three layers. The outer layer is an effective dust waterproof material while the middle layer stops particles and the inner layer absorbs moisture from the breath. With soft elastic ear loops, the Hotodeal disposable masks come in a 50-pack for $13.

What reviewers say: “What great face masks disposable, the beautiful packaging, the earloop mask is wrapped in a sealed bag, very clean. The masks are soft, comfortable and breathable.”

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iBstone Disposable Protective Mask

These 3-ply masks are made of non-woven fabric with a nose clip on the upper side and built-in metal nose strip for better fit. According to the product listing, these masks can be used by healthcare professionals, but should not be used “in surgical or high risk situations, or where there is a high risk of contact with liquids or infectious materials.” A 50 pack retails for $20.

What reviewers say: “They are very well made masks. I performed a quality test on them before ordering more boxes. Water was poured onto the front of the mask and it pooled without going through,” they wrote.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

EasyEast Face Mask

These EasyEast face masks come in a conveniently small pack of 25, making it easy to store them in your purse or on-the-go. The 3-ply mask features a multi-layered filter to protect you from dust, air particles and more. With elastic ear loops and a lightweight design, the mask offers a comfortable fit. Buy a 25 pack now for only $3.

What reviewers say: “They are very breathable & so much more comfortable than [the] cloth mask. They have a thin piece of metal to pinch to your nose so no more fogged glasses. The elastic around your ears is secure but not pulling or irritating.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

Blue Summit Face Masks

Blue Summit face masks come in a 50-pack of blue and white disposable face coverings made from three layers. The masks are made with melt-blown PP fabric and non-woven fabric. Each disposable mask features a pleated main section and soft-stretch ear loops.

What reviewers say: “I especially love the metal nose piece so that I can create a custom mold and then place my sunglasses over them. The elastic holds well, and I don’t find myself with pain or friction behind my ears.”

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DaDade Disposable Leopard Face Masks

Spotted: DaDade’s Disposable Leopard Face Masks combine style and function. The built-in adjustable nose bridge and sturdy elastic earloops will fit most, which guarantees more effective protection

What reviewers say: “Incredibly easy to breath in! Cute and not the basic blue I’ve been sporting the last year at work. These are sassier and compliment my nearly entirely dark colored wardrobe with a tiny pop of semi color!”

 DaDade Store
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Everydayspecial Disposable Safety Face Masks

Match one of your floral dresses to Everydayspecial’s Disposable Safety Face Masks. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful five patterns, these surgical coverings are skin-friendly and you’ll be able to wear ’em for the long haul.

What reviewers say:”These face masks are very comfortable! They almost feel like actual cloth/ fabric. Very soft, no bad smell during a whole 8hr.+ day of wearing them! Lots of compliments on design. The important thing here is not that they are cute but that they are comfortable all day wear.”

Everydayspecial Disposable Safety Mask 3 Layer Protection Face Mask for Adults 50 pcs
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DIOLV 50Pcs Rainbow Printed Disposable Face Masks

There’s 50 pieces inside this DIOLV Rainbow Printed Disposable Face Mask box, so you’ll be able to switch one out every four hours as recommended. These bright coverings will be easy to spot in your glove compartment, purse, or at your crowded desk.

What reviewers say: “I work in a dental office and am required to wear a N95 mask with a surgical mask during the day while seeing patients. I try out and wear lots of different disposable masks. With these 3 layer disposable mask, I was impressed by just the right thickness to feel protected but be very comfortable to wear day to day outside of the office setting. They are very comfortable and stylish enough to go with casual outfits and were perfect to wear to a wedding and funeral I had to attend.”

DIOLV 50Pcs Rainbow Printed Disposable Face Masks for Adults 3-ply Face Mask Gradient Rainbow
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DXLOVER 50 Pcs Disposable Face Masks

DXLOVER 50 Pcs Disposable Face Masks will let you match your mask to your outfit with five different colors, ranging from neutrals to brights. These 3-ply face masks are extremely easy to breathe in while keeping out the air particles around you.

What reviewers say: “Individually wrapped, such that one person with dirty fingers don’t contaminate the whole box. And so that I can leave a few in the case, in my knapsack, in the kitchen, and a few other strategic places. Fits comfortably on my big face and with my big nose. Metal over nose. Can breath easily with it on. Cheap enough to discard any time I need to, but also strong enough to re-use.

 DXLOVER 50 Pcs Disposable Face Masks
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