Best Blue Light-Blocking Glasses to Protect Your Eyes During Screen Time

Staring at a computer or smartphone screen all day is pretty much inevitable. Whether it be for work, school or social media, it’s something we find ourselves doing every day. In recent years, some research claims that all the time we spend with exposure to blue light does not come without a cost. There’s reason to believe that blue light can cause eye diseases and even damage the retina, since blue light cannot be filtered by the cornea or lens of the eye. Too much blue light exposure may also cause insomnia.

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In addition to cutting down on computer time and taking breaks away from your screen during long sessions, blue light blocking glasses are an easy way to protect your eyes from possible damage. Plus, many frames are  super stylish. If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, going for blue light protection glasses is a no-brainer. Below, FN’s compiled a list of the best blue light protection glasses offered at a range of price points.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses are easy on the eyes in every way possible. They have a sleek black frame that complements any face shape. They also come with a non-polarized, anti-reflective lens which will keep your eyes safe and comfortable. The amber tinted lenses reduce visible fatigue and minimize eye strain from the blue light emitted from computer screens. The lenses are also have UV400 protection and glare reduction. These come at a very reasonable price, so are a great addition to any eyeglass collection.

Gamma Ray Blue, Light Blocking Glasses Amber Tint Anti Glare, UV Digital, Eyestrain
Blue Light Glasses
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Ottoto Eazy With BLUEASE Lenses

GlassesUSA carries a range of frames featuring BLUEASE lens technology, which is designed to block out 95% of harmful blue light. The lenses also offer anti-glare and UV protection and are scratch resistant. Among the selection of BLUEASE-friendly frames on the site is this chic round style from Ottoto. The wire silhouette comes in four sleek finishes, including an iridescent gold and rose gold for adding a hint of glamour to any outfit.

CREDIT: Courtesy of GlassesUSA

SOJOS Round Blue Light Protection Glasses

Not only will these retro frames protect your eyes, but they’ll also make a fashion statement. They come with a non-polarized polycarbonate lens. Thanks to the TR90 rim material, these glasses are also durable and aren’t easily broken. If you want to look good and feel good, go for these.


SOJOS Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses TR90 Computer Eyeglasses Ashley SJ9001
SOJOS Blue Light Glasses
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Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses

Warby Parker is known for having designer quality eyewear for a fraction of the price — and these these modern cat eye glasses certainly fit the bill. They’re made from hand polished cellulose acetate and feature akulon coated screws for durability. According to the website, this particular style works best for those with wide or broad faces. However, thanks to the free at-home try on feature, if they don’t fit, it’s no problem. The polycarbonate lenses of these glasses also keep your eyes safe and comfortable.



Warby Parker, Blue Light GlassesHaley, Opal, Tortoise
Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses
CREDIT: Warby Parker

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These square-shaped glasses are the perfect mix between a modern and retro look, complete with aqua blue trim to make any eye color pop. The metal hinge of the glasses make them very stable. The material is also abrasion resistant and very lightweight on your face. They’re 100% blue light resistant.


TIJN Blue, Light, Blocking Glasses, Square Nerd, Eyeglasses, Frame Anti Blue Ray, Computer Game, Glasses
Amazon TJIN Blue Light Glasses
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Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses

If you’re in the market for a pair that will last you a long time, this might be the investment you’ve been looking for. These sleek tortoise shell glasses are made in Italy and come with a sturdy, sleek case and cloth cleaner. You can also easily change the lenses in these.

Tom Ford, 51MM, Plastic Blue Filter, Optical Glasses
Tom Ford Blue Light Glasses
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The Book Club Blue Light Glasses

These glasses offer a fun, oversized look. The brown frames are made with plastic that sits comfortably on the ears and is recyclable, so you can do your part to help save the earth when the glasses reach the end of their lifecycle. The blue light filtering, non-polarized lenses make them a safe choice.





The Book Club, Blue Light, Donkey, Goaty, Glasses
The Book Club Blue Light Glasses
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Caddis Blue Light Glasses

The beige color of these thick, glossy frames can easily blend in with any outfit. For a preppy look, pair them with a plaid blazer set.

Caddis, Bixby, Blue Light, Blocking Glasses
Caddis Blue Light Glasses

Swanwick Blue Light Glasses

If checking your email right before you sleep is a must or scrolling through Instagram before bed is a guilty pleasure, this pair is perfect for you. It’s made specifically to help with people who struggle with sleeping as a result of being exposed to too much blue light. If you wear these glasses for two hours before bedtime, you should be able to fall asleep quickly even after scrolling.

Henley, Night, Swannies, Blue Light Blocking, Glasses
Swanwick Blue Light Glasses
CREDIT: Swanwick

Eye Buy Direct

Inspired by the aesthetic of Silicon Valley techies, these round, rimless metal frames offer a bold, vintage look. EyeBuyDirect, the company which makes the “Palo Alto” style, allows you to easily to fill it with any high-quality lens you want — including those with blue light protection.

Palo Alto, Round, Silver, Eyeglasses
Eye Buy Blue Light Glasses

Elements Active Blue Light Glasses

These are perfect for people who want prescription glasses with blue light protection. They clip onto your existing glasses frames for times when you’re looking at a screen. The extra amber tint makes these very effective.

Elements Active, Fitover, Anti-Blue Blocking, Computer Glasses | Fits Over, Prescription Eyeglasses | Amber Orange to Block Blue Light | Better Night Sleep & Reduce Eyestrain Migraine Headaches InsomniaBlue Light
Elements Active Blue Light Glasses
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