How To Be An Amazon Product Tester

Customers who love to write Amazon reviews have the opportunity to become an Amazon product tester for items offered on the site.

While there are a handful of Amazon reviewer trader program websites for shoppers to sign up and test products, Amazon also recruits reviewers directly through its Amazon Vine program.

Like any venture where money is involved, it’s important to carefully read about which option works best for you. Not all testing programs online are free and it’s important to be wary of scams.

Testing out products can be a great way to not only score deals on items but also help vendors know exactly what customers want. Several brands and vendors have relationships with Amazon and various reviewer trader program websites because they are eager to have their products reviewed.

Below, take a look at some of the ways in which Amazon shoppers can test out products available on amazon.com.

Amazon Vine

Since 2007, Amazon has recruited trusted reviewers to try out new products and write down their thoughts for other shoppers to see. Although this program is invitation-only, shoppers who want to test products for the site should start by reviewing the items they already have purchased on amazon.com to improve their ranking.

According to the site, Amazon recruits members for its Vine Voices program based on their reviewer rank. Shopper’s ranks reflect the quality and helpfulness of their reviews based on the judgment of other customers on Amazon. The online marketplace also considers the number of reviews one has written for its product tester program.

In addition to the reviewer rank, Amazon also considers what kinds of products the Amazon Vine candidate is reviewing. Amazon facilitates its product reviews based on the category a user frequently reviews. (So if a shopper is purchasing and reviewing athletic shoes, Amazon will more likely offer similar products to the user under its product testing program.)

Once accepted to Amazon Vine, the e-tailer will provide free items that have been submitted to the program through participating vendors.

Shoppers can head to amazon.com to read the full details on its Amazon Vine program.

Amazon Reviewer Trader Sites

Amazon reviewer trader sites are websites where members sign up to receive free or discounted items on Amazon in exchange for written reviews. Some Amazon Reviewer Trader Sites include Cashbackbase, Snagshout, AMZDiscover.

Each site is a little different, but interested shoppers will need to sign up by filling out a form with their basic information including full name and email address. Additional information about where the customer lives and details of preference in products may also be required.

Sometimes these sites make users purchase the product and then get reimbursed once reviewed. Most sites compensate through PayPal, so shoppers don’t have to worry about delayed checks or cash for reimbursed products.

Whatever method shoppers choose to go about, they should make sure to fully read the details of each site to avoid any confusion. Reviewing Amazon products can be a great way for customers sharpen their communication skills and discover new items that make life a little easier.

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