Candace Owens Goes Viral for Negative Comments on Skims Ad Featuring Disabled Models in Adaptive Clothing Collection

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens is going viral yet again — this time, for controversial comments around Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Adaptive Collection, aimed towards disabled individuals.

SKIMSAdaptive line, which launched in April 2022, features a bralette, two bras and three briefs styles in a wide range of sizes and neutral colors, with features like adjustable straps and front hook-and-eye closures for easy access for those with limited mobility. The line’s campaigns also notably features models in wheelchairs. Last week, Owens commented on the line on her namesake podcast — and her negative views have sparked outrage amongst disabled communities and their allies.

Skims, collections, Adaptive Collection, disability, wheelchair model
A model in SKIMS’ Adaptive Collection campaign.
CREDIT: Courtesy of SKIMS

“I really I don’t understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing, I really don’t get it, and if I am wrong educate me,” Owens said on her podcast. “Whose idea was this? Was it your idea? Okay, you’re fired.”

Model and Foreveryone.foundation founder Haleigh Rosa, herself a disabled individual, was quick to speak out against Owens’ comments, according to Forbes.

“The people I know that have disabilities are some of the most resilient people. Wheelchair users will not agree with [Owens’] views,” Rosa said. “If [Owens] truly wants to educate herself, she can reach out to me. I’m not one for cancel culture; I believe in the power of education. I’d love to have a conversation and educate Candace.”

Similar views were shared by content creator and disability representation activist Paula Carozzo.

“For the disability community, we are at the current peak of representation,” Carozzo said. “Representation for us is as vital as the lungs we need to breathe. We’ve worked so hard for such a long time. No bully should be able to show-up and make “assumptions” of what we need and want.”

Helya Mohammadian, founder of Slick Chicks — a company that designs accessible garments for disabled people — also condemned Owens’ statements.

“As founder of a company with a very clear and decisive mission, I do not stand with any agenda or statement where women attack other women for a sound bite or highlight reel, much less generalize about an entire community,” Mohammadian said. “It is hard enough to make it as a female in business and those who are in a position of power with a large audience should use it to speak on the merit of whatever topic is in question, not to minimize for the sake of doing so or speak without a basic set of knowledge.”

Kardashian has not responded to the incident. However, it’s certainly re-ignited a discussion on the importance of disability representation and education today.

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