Kansas City Chiefs Owner’s Daughter Gracie Hunt Shares Workout Routine in Colorful Sports Bra & Athletic Sneakers

Gracie Hunt shared her workout routine in a short video on Instagram today.

Hunt wore a black, hot pink and orange sports bra worn with high-waisted matching neon pink, white and black leggings seemingly made of a breathable stretch fabric that allowed for a whole host of movement.

Modern leggings first came about in the 1950s, though the style really took off in the 1960s with the invention of Lycra. Leggings became a full-blown trend in the ‘70s, thanks to disco pants, and maintained popularity in the ‘80s, thanks to the aerobics craze. After a cool down in the ‘90s, leggings came back in style in the 2000s and have remained a core part of women’s wardrobes.

On her feet, the social media star laced up athletic sneakers. The pair were a bright white with matching laces and mesh uppers. Even the soles, which were plush, thick and likely made of rubber, were white. The sporty style is much like any other athletic shoe, made with a flexible, breathable and aerodynamic mesh made for everything from working out to running errands. Hunt’s monochrome style is a perfect mixture of style and function, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Hunt’s shoe style is often trendy and bold — with no shortage of sky-high heels. The former Miss Kansas often wears platform-soled sandals and pointed pumps in a range of heights, colors and finishes on the red carpet, hailing from brands including Tom Ford and Valentino. Off-duty, she also wears colorful Moon Boots boots and Ugg slippers.

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