A Look Back at Jeremy Scott’s Viral Moschino Barbie Collection

Moschino’s 10-year reign under Jeremy Scott spawned a wide range of collections, with inspirations including fast food restaurants, outer space, furniture and the punk rock movement. However, one of the most well-known — which, as a longtime fan favorite, is becoming viral online again after Scott’s departure announcement — is the famed Barbie collection.

Storming the Moschino runway years before “Barbiecore” was coined, Scott’s spring 2015 collection took direct inspiration from its namesake doll’s ’80s and ’90s outfits. The line featured cropped separates, frothy evening gowns and swimwear in hues of tropical orange, turquoise, sky blue and metallic gold. Of course, Barbie’s signature light and magenta pinks were core in the collection, appearing on Barbie-like “Moschino”-printed sweaters, jackets, skirts and crop tops — plus a sports bra and running shorts, worn by a model on roller skates.

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A model walks the runway during the Moschino spring 2015 fashion show at Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy on Sept. 18, 2014.
CREDIT: Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

The Barbie-themed collection is especially core to Scott’s Moschino from its merge of fashion and pop culture, bringing Barbie’s outfits to life so shoppers could live their childhood fantasies of dressing just like her. However, it also marked a turning point for the brand in 2014 that went full circle, as Barbie was also tapped in November 2015 for a hit black and white collection with matching dolls on Net-a-Porter.

At the time, the Barbie collection also hit the Internet when Instagram was just starting to grow. Celebrities including Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Bella Thorne and Miley Cyrus — then making waves in her “Bangerz” era — all made headlines for their outings in the pieces, solidifying their viral nature.

The collection was also key in social media influencing being taken seriously by the fashion industry, notably when fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni wore a fresh-off-the-runway pink biker leather crop top, skirt and handbag the day after its Milan Fashion Week debut.

The Barbie collection’s impact is evident today, where brands including Loewe, Coach and more have tapped into the appeal of whimsical pieces and collaborations that combine fashion and nostalgia. Its original entry online at the peak of social media, a rising influencer industry, aesthetic dressing and celebrity interest all coincided in the right place at the right time. Today, the same pieces are quickly sold when re-emerging on shopping sites like The Real Real, eBay and Poshmark, solidifying their popularity and influence in fashion. Life in plastic is, indeed, fantastic.

On Monday, Scott announced that he will be leaving Moschino as its creative director after leading the brand for a full decade. A current successor has not been named yet, though the role is sure to be filled soon.

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