Reebok Inks Deal With Syndic8 to Optimize Digital Selling

Reebok has chosen Syndic8 as the company’s product content management and distribution software, Syndic8 said in a statement, adding that its expertise in the syndication of high variant stock keeping units, as well as its additional services in enhanced video content management and verification, will allow Reebok to optimize and expand its digital selling channels.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Reebok to help optimize their digital selling strategy,” said Chris John, CEO of Syndic8. “Having good control and governance of all digital data is critical to distributing quality content across an ever-expanding network of digital partners.”

Syndic8’s drag-and-drop software also performs a comprehensive data audit based on the requirements and recommendations of all desired online trading partners and marketplace destinations. Syndic8’s data audit simplifies the syndication process for brands and prevents unnecessary back and forth between brands and buyers.

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