Merrell and Unlikely Hikers Team Up to Release a Size-Inclusive Footwear and Apparel Collection

Merrell has once again teamed up with Unlikely Hikers, a diverse and inclusive community geared toward encouraging the underrepresented outdoorsperson to explore with confidence, on a footwear and apparel range.

The timing of the launch comes months after Merrell — the 2022 FNAA Brand of the Year — revealed in its Inclusivity in the Outdoors Report that nearly one in five people experience discrimination when outside. Also, Merrell revealed in its report, which released in November 2022, that the LGBTQ+ community is 8% more likely to feel unwelcome in the outdoors than the global total.

“We set out more than six years ago to build a community of hikers and adventurers of all shapes, sizes, genders and abilities after seeing a need to have more diversity represented in the outdoor community. Now, we’re able to give a voice and provide product to those not always heard or represented in the outdoor community,” Jenny Bruso, founder of Unlikely Hikers, said in a statement.

Bruso continued, “We’re inviting you to hike as you are with this new collection, because everyone belongs outdoors.”

The collaborative range, which is Merrell’s second with Unlikely Hikers, is executed in a broad color palette across apparel, accessories and footwear. The apparel, Merrell said in a statement, is offered in extended sizing and the footwear will have wide width options.

The footwear in the collection is the Moab 3, an update to Merrell’s popular hiking boot, which was designed to offer more comfort traction, and sustainability without sacrificing fit or durability. The low-cut boots retail for $110 and the mid will come with a $145 price tag.

Merrell Unlikely Hikers Moab 3
The Merrell x Unlikely Hikers Moab 3 Mid.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Merrell

Aside from footwear and apparel, the collection includes two bags and a hat.

“The second year of our partnership with Unlikely Hikers allows us to continue opening the outdoors for all and reducing barriers to getting outside,” Merrell marketing manager Regina Hill said in a statement. “As we look to redefine and reimagine the outdoors, we’re building partnerships like this and products that amplify the importance of inclusivity in sizing and representation.”

The new Merrell x Unlikely Hikers collection is available via Merrell.com now. The apparel and accessories range in price from $25-$70.

Merrell Unlikely Hikers Moab 3 Low
The Merrell x Unlikely Hikers Moab 3 Low.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Merrell

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