Theragun Sale: Save Up to $300 Off Top Massage Guns, Compression Boots and More

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There are few things in this life better than a massage. It’s relief, pure and simple. Although it’d be great if we could all have personal masseuses, Therabody has been in the market of making the next best thing. The brand’s recovery products — like its uber-famous Theragun series — are making that regular muscle relief more accessible. Adjacent to Amazon Prime Day, Theragun is having its own sale and is discounting nearly all of its items, from those massage guns, to compression boots to foam rollers for up to $300 off.

First, if you haven’t tried a deep tissue massager from the Theragun line, now is your chance. The machines are all percussive therapy devices, which work by using quick, powerful vibrations that you hold up against muscles across your body. The movement helps release muscle tension and increase blood flow, leading to quicker recovery and a generally more comfortable state of being. These were originally designed for athletes and post-workouts of all kinds, but there are a ton of size and power options now, so regardless of how intense (or not) your fitness routine is, there’s a massage gun right for you. The Theragun Mini, for example, is super light and easy to use, and it’s hands-down one of our favorite gifts to give just about anyone.

Theraguns aside, there’s also deals on Therabody’s compression boots for increasing blood flow and fitness recovery, a favorite recovery tool among long-distance runners. Also on sale: stim devices and vibrating foam rollers. The deals for this sale are as good as some of the past deals we’ve seen during Theragun’s Black Friday Sale, which is to say, very good. Shop some standouts here.

Theragun Mini Massager

The Theragun Mini is smaller than the more intense massage guns and doesn’t have quite as much power but boy, is it useful. You can hold it easily in your hand and it’s light enough to travel with, so you don’t have to go a single day without relief.

Theragun Mini
CREDIT: Courtesy of Therabody

Therabody Wave Roller

The Wave Roller is everything that’s good about a foam roller and then some. It works like your standard body foam roller, but it also vibrates, increasing subtle (and relief-inducing) movement around small muscles. For cross-fitters, runners and walkers, these do wonders for leg relief.

Therabody Wave Roller
CREDIT: Courtesy of Therabody

Theragun PRO Massage Gun

The Theragun PRO is the most elite of all of the Theraguns, boasting the most power at 60 pounds of force. It’s a little less ergonomic than the other models, so it can be tough to use on your own back or upper traps. But if you’ll have a helping hand, it’s a great option.

Theragun Pro
CREDIT: Courtesy of Theragun

Theragun Elite Massage Gun

Theragun Elite is the next level down from the Pro with lighter force (but by no means light) at 40 pounds. It has five built-in speeds and it’s the quietest device the brand makes.

Theragun Elite
CREDIT: Courtesy of Theragun

Theragun Prime Massage Gu

Theragun Prime is the third set massage gun option with 30 pounds of force and 120 minutes of battery life. It comes with four attachments to switch in and out at the top of the gun to hit different muscles at just the right angle.

Theragun Prime
CREDIT: Courtesy of Theragun

Therabody RecoveryAir PRO Compression Boots

The RecoveryAir PRO are like having a built-in recovery station right in your own home. The compression boots tighten and release at your set preferences to increase blood flow to sore legs.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Therabody

Therabody PowerDot Duo

The PowerDot Duo is a muscle stimulation device you might be vaguely familiar with if you’ve ever gone to physical therapy. The pads stick right onto your body and you can figure out where to put them — and how much electric stim to set it to — right on the app. All of the recovery, none of the confusion.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Theragun

Theragun PRO + RecoveryAir PRO Bundle

There are a few Theragun bundles on sale, too, and this Theragun PRO + RecoveryAir PRO bundle has got to be one of the best. It’s $500 off and includes both the RecoveryAir PRO compression boots and the highest intensity Theragun. It’s a great investment to make if you’re prioritizing recovery in your training this year.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Theragun
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