In Memoriam: Superfeet Founder Dennis Brown Has Died

Jan. 6, 2022: Dennis Brown, founder of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory and Superfeet Worldwide, died on Dec. 31 at his home in Blaine, Washington, Superfeet confirmed. He was 96 years old.

A WWII veteran in the British Army, Brown entered the world of podiatry when he started Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in 1964, where he led the development of industry-leading patented orthotic products (he had 61 patents to his name) and casting techniques.

Recognizing the cost of podiatric orthotics were too expensive for most athletes, Brown and his partner Christopher Smith D.P.M., formed the Superfeet company to provide more affordable after-market insoles to the public. Superfeet pioneered the use of orthotics in the fledging ski boot industry, and eventually all other athletic footwear, including hockey skates. Brown also established and designed the Superfeet hydraulic tools which transformed the plastic ski boot fitting industry.

“From his time spent in the military during WWII to developing and launching Superfeet to the masses, Dennis’s legacy goes far beyond insoles,” Superfeet said in a statement. “Dennis was an incredible force for good who shaped the lives of countless people worldwide. He was a skilled craftsman, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a savvy businessman, a patient teacher, an inspirational mentor, and a loyal friend.”

Brown is survived by his wife of 35 years, Audrey.

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