Japanese Dollar Store Daiso’s ‘Beautiful’ Shoeboxes Are Going Viral on TikTok in Life Hack Video

Daiso, a popular Japanese dollar store with locations throughout the U.S., is known for its affordable and “life hack”-worthy pieces — which also include footwear categories, is highlighted in a new video on TikTok that’s gone viral.

In the TikTok clip, user Mickael Shimizu shares how he purchased the retailer’s clear shoebox to hold his Air Jordan sneakers. Shimizu also takes the opportunity to share the piece’s construction as he puts it together, and its ability to hold his shoes — as seen in a final segment where he views them stacked on top of each other, clearly displaying numerous pairs of sneakers. Currently, the clear plastic rectangular boxed with attached “doors” to access the shoes are sold in a set online with black and gray paneling for $4.25.

“That looks [like] luxury. Oh my god, it’s beautiful,” Shimizu exclaims while assembling one of the shoeboxes, which he sees as “underrated” for Daiso.


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Shimizu’s clip currently holds over 170,000 views, marking it as utterly viral.

The video portrays a true “life hack” — the ability to “hack” one’s lifestyle by doing a task or accomplishing something in an easy, unexpected and non-stressful fashion.

In this instance, it shows a clear way to stack and display one’s footwear with sharp visual appeal similarly to luxury stores or public figures’ vast shoe collections. Examples of these expensive displays in real life can be seen on social media platforms from influencers including Huda Kattan, Chriselle Lim and Chiara Ferragni — plus celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kristin Cavallari.

Click through the gallery to see shoe storage in a recreation of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment by AirBnb.

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