Aldo Collaborates With Actor Jordan Fisher To Launch First-Ever Men’s Celebrity Collection With Chelsea Boots & Crossbody Bags

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Leading global fashion footwear and accessories brand, Aldo has partnered with multi-hyphenate performer, Jordan Fisher on their first-ever celebrity collaboration for a men’s collection. Launching today, the collection also marks a major partnership moment between Aldo and Nordstrom, who have been given retailer exclusivity for the Jordan Fisher Collection.

Fisher is an actor, singer-songwriter and producer. He has starred in various Netflix films including, “Work It,” the sequel “To All The Boys I’ve Loved,” “Hello, Goodbye, and “Everything in Between.” Along with his many acting roles, the multi-talented artist was also crowned the winner of season 25 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

The Aldo x Jordan Fisher collection features an elevated assortment of everyday Chelsea boots, that include contemporary and bold finishings, along with the best-in-class crossbody bags made with the finest craftsmanship. Each piece in the line has been designed and named by Fisher with namesake styles referencing a significant meaning to his life and nods to his appreciation of Japanese culture.

Aldo, Jordan Fisher, Men's Collection, Boots
men’s collaboration with actor and producer Jordan Fisher.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Aldo

How does it feel to partner with Aldo and collaborate on this launch?

As a film producer, as a songwriter, as an actor there’s nothing like patterning with somebody and collaborating with another creative. That to me is some of the most fun of being in this space to create things for a living. And putting my head together with a bunch of other people that have their strengths in different things.

What was the inspiration for your Aldo collection? Why did you choose to partner with Aldo?

“The inspiration and partnership all kind of goes hand in hand. I’ve worn a lot of Aldo’s stuff for years. I’ve always been a boot man and bag guy. I’ve been known for years to carry a satchel and I’ve always liked a little lift and Aldo just approaches that so elegantly and beautifully to me. I wanted to create a few different takes on classic Chelsea’s that I’ve loved for years but rebuild them in a way that anybody can put the shoe on and feel like the shoe isn’t wearing them but accentuating the good parts of who they are. At the end of the day what I really wanted to get across was fluidity.”

Jordan Fisher, Aldo, Men's Collection, Boots
men’s collaboration with actor and producer Jordan Fisher.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Aldo

Did your acting career and personal style contribute to the collaboration?

“I think the inspiration behind it all is creating something for everybody. I am looking forward to doing more and creating shoes and doing all of sorts of things for women and non-binary folks alike. It was above most important me to be able to get an idea out that really capitalized on fluidity and that’s everything about this collection.”

How does it feel to enter the fashion realm?

“I’ve never been happy doing one thing. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama wasn’t fashion central at all, but I always wanted to go a step ahead and do something different and wear something different. I didn’t really have the opportunity to start expressing that and playing with that really until I moved to Los Angeles. Being surrounded by every type of individual made me realize the amount of fluidity and androgyny in fashion that I really appreciate.”

Aldo, Jordan Fisher, Boots
The Aldo x Jordan Fisher collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Aldo

Do you have plans to expand the collection with more installments or make it available it to other retail brands?

“Yes I would love to build out as much as possible. This is the first step, we’ll see how this does. I’m excited to be doing this with Aldo because they’ve had so much success with launching new collections and great collaborations and being able to build off that has worked for them in the past and I’m excited to hopefully make that same thing happen.”

What are some of your favorite on-stage looks?

“It’s really just the way that shape takes place is what I love about being onstage. I love layers, I really love things draping on me and things that I can take off and mess around with.”

Jordan Fisher, Aldo, Boots
The Aldo x Jordan Fisher collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Aldo

What was your first big shoe purchase?

“My Cool Grey’s, I’m pretty sure they were 13’s. This was years ago, this is when I was 16 years old working at Finish Line. That was my first big shoe purchase. I was in the sneaker game for a minute, but I definitely switched gears as I got older.”

What trends are you currently loving right now? And which ones would you like to go away?

“Low-rise jeans can go away please. I’m really loving cargo right now. I’m loving this general characterization of early Y2K that Gen Z has been doing. I would also like to see peep toe heels go away. I’ve never been a huge fan, but Sarah Jessica Parker pulls it off so beautifully. I am liking to see more boots that hug the ankle and elongate the leg. I love a cuban heel as well.”

How does it feel to be a dad? And what shoes are you most excited for your son Riley to wear currently and in the future?

“My number one dream in the world was to be a dad and have a family and fall in love. I look forward doing more and definitely  building out opportunities especially for Riley to be able to get his hands on it and say whoa my dad did that, that’s so cool. I can’t wait to put J’s on him, Dunks, Retro 3’s, but I’m excited for him to come down the stairs one day with the loafer Doc’s and British invasion shorts.”

The ALDO x Jordan Fisher Collection will be available for purchase on October 20, in-store and online at Aldo.com, select Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom.com, with select items available for pre-order.

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