Salehe Bembury x Crocs Tease Neon Green Pollex Clogs & Announce New Colorways

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New pairs of Salehe Bembury’s Crocs Pollex clogs will be released this spring, for those craving a comfortable and eye-catching addition to their shoe rotation. Like previous pairs, the collaborative style revamps the brand’s classic clog with allover whirls and lines inspired by Bembury’s own fingerprint. Three new monochrome colorways — light purple, lime green and white — will be released in May.

Whether other colorways, silhouettes or versions of Croc styles will be released under the brand and Bembury’s collaborative partnership remains to be seen.

Bembury himself shared a graphic video of each shoe in a post on Instagram, simply captioned “May” with a crocodile emoji.

The Salehe Bembury x Crocs collection’s first drop was on Dec. 14, 2021 on Crocs.com. The $85 style, deemed the Pollex clog, revamps Crocs’ Classic clog silhouette with an allover swirling texture in both Cucumber and Menemsha tones. The shapes that cover the shoes are actually based on Salehe’s own fingerprints, creating ridges for greater traction. The Pollex clogs feature upper holes and Crocs’ signature textured footbeds for added comfort and ventilation. They additionally include a nylon take on the pair’s staple foam straps, which is both adjustable and removable to create a slipper style.

The collaboration’s accompanying campaign also debuted last year, featuring Cynthia Erivo and Jess Hu as models. The ads included the duo in a minimalist gray room, adorned with both modern and natural accents like rocks, foliage, an armchair and printer. Seemingly to mimic the style’s natural colorways and Crocs’ own modern approach to footwear, the campaign displays a merge of both as they coexist.

Crocs, Salehe Bembury, clogs, rubber clogs, textured clogs, Salehe Bembury x Crocs, Jess Hu, Cynthia Erivo, campaign, collection
Jess Hu stars in the Salehe Bembury x Crocs campaign.
CREDIT: Emilynn Rose/Courtesy of Crocs

Bembury kept Crocs fans on their toes for weeks prior to the Pollex clogs’ second drop. The street style star previously teased the line throughout the fall 2021 season, revealing the Pollex’s dark green Cucumber and taupe Menemsha color ways in Instagram posts. There is also an undisclosed white color way that’s been crafted of the Pollex style, though its availability and release were unknown at the time.

Anticipation for the line was building since Bembury announced that he’d be collaborating with Crocs in late July 2021. Currently, fans can subscribe to Bembury’s mailing list on his website, Be A Spunge, for more details on the project.

The announcement followed Crocs’ highy anticipated release with Bembury, which gained traction throughout 2021 — but wasn’t without its complications upon release in December 2021.

According to some fans on social media and Bembury himself, bots swarmed the launch on the websites of Crocs and other retailers, delaying live shoppers from purchasing Bembury’s Pollex clogs themselves. These software programs perform automated tasks—i.e., buying hyped fashion products. For launches such as this, bots will secure limited-edition products to later be resold at dramatically increased prices.

Needless to say, some people were not pleased. Outrage sparked on Twitter since the launch, with many users upset about website delays and shoe unavailability due to said bots—similarly to conflicts over Telfar tote bags in 2020. Many users were only left with the option to purchase up-hiked pairs on resale platforms like GOAT and StockX. Stock X was actually reselling pairs ranging from $400-$602, a steep difference from the style’s original $85 price tag.

Salehe Bembury, Crocs, clogs, rubber clogs, ridged clogs, Pollex clogs, collaborations, hype beast, bots
Bembury’s response to bot purchases on Instagram Stories.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Instagram

Bembury stood behind the community, strongly rallying against resale bots. The designer took to Instagram Stories to share that he was in the process of “cancelling bot orders” at the time. How this has affected the clogs’ availability and restocking remains to be seen—but shoppers can rest assured Bembury is on their side.

Aside from shopping on Crocs’ or other wholesalers’ sites, fans were able to enter a drawing from 11 ET on Dec. 14—11 a.m. ET on Dec. 15, 2021 on Crocs.com to purchase their own limited-edition pair. Winners were individually notified by Crocs.

Crocs, Salehe Bembury, clogs, rubber clogs, textured clogs, Salehe Bembury x Crocs, Jess Hu, Cynthia Erivo, campaign, collection
Salehe Bembury x Crocs’ Pollex clog.
CREDIT: Shawn Jin/Courtesy of Crocs

Bembury is the latest collaborator for Crocs, which has become a go-to brand for a variety of collaborations in recent years. The comfortable shoe brand has created limited-edition shoes with Justin Bieber, Diplo, Post Malone, “Cruella” and KFC, among others.

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