Elaine Welteroth On Pregnancy Transparency and Why Reebok by Pyer Moss Is the Perfect Maternity Shoe

Elaine Welteroth wants to bring transparency back to the pregnancy experience.

Throughout her pregnancy journey, the journalist turned “Project Runway” judge has been open about her own experience in interviews and via her weekly Instagram live series, MaterniTea, where the first-time millennial mother-to-be talks about the lesser-known aspects of pregnancy.

“I want to be a part of a culture that promotes transparency around our human experience,” Welteroth told FN in an interview during the Magic and Project Las Vegas trade shows last week. “Whether that’s the experience of success in an industry at an early age or that’s the experience of pregnancy when you’re an ambitious young woman and going through this huge life transition.”

Welteroth said she doesn’t feel that people are adequately prepared for the challenges of pregnancy, especially if the parent in question is working full-time. Welteroth, who previously, served as Teen Vogue’s first-ever Black editor-in-chief, wants to bring transparency to everything about maternity, included less talked-about topics such as exercising while pregnant and having a home birth.

“There’s just so much that goes into this life change,” Welteroth told FN. “I don’t want to be the person who’s only showing you the pretty picture, but not telling you about the bad days.”

As such, the journalist has been open about her experience with symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), a pregnancy-related condition that causes instability in the hips, making it hard to walk.

Despite her challenges, Welteroth is still making fashion statements, even while pregnant. She’s been focusing on comfort throughout her pregnancy while staying true to some of her favorite styles.

“It has to be comfortable,” Welteroth told FN while wearing a thin knit Missoni dress. “Thin knit dresses are my jam.”

While she was wearing her signature white boots at the trade show, Welteroth said she can usually be found in sneakers most days. Her favorite? Any shoe from Reebok’s Pyer Moss collection.

“I have every single colorway,” Welteroth said. “I just feel like it’s the perfect shoe for a pregnant person because you’re giving comfort and you’re giving fashion.”

She also loves the originality and architectural structure of the shoes that can make a statement even when worn with more casual attire like sweatpants and sweatshirts.

“If I’m wearing those shoes, I still feel elevated,” she said.

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