P448 Unveils Genderless Shoe Collection With More Than 40 Styles

Today, Italian sneaker brand P448 has unveiled its genderless shoe collection, created with inclusivity in mind.

Named the Limitless Collection, the shopping program features a full size range, from EU 35 to EU 50, with more than 40 styles including a mix of existing styles and all-new silhouettes. The shoes are offered in the extended size range, providing consumers with colors not previously offered in their size or silhouettes not typically available to them.

With the launch, P448 wanted to fully allow their customers to shop and express themselves freely without any constraints — staying true to their brand ethos that sneakers do not have a gender.

“As times are tough, brands and retailers want fewer sizes and inventory,” explained CEO Wayne Kulkin. “[But] in my 30 years of footwear experience, with whomever I worked with, it has always been important to have varied sizing for anyone and everyone. This collection simply gave us the opportunity to break down the barriers of explicitly men’s and explicitly women’s sizing modeling.”

He added, “Now, it’s not about watering down a look to make it ‘genderless’ but making it exactly as designed for he, she, they, etc. If something is shiny or sparkly, then that’s what it is. If something is kick-ass though, then that’s what it is.”

As part of this larger brand initiative and in time for Pride month, P448 has partnered with New York-based Ali Forney Center — which is the largest LGBT community center helping LGBTQ homeless youth in the United States — supporting the organization at their recent annual gala, as well as donating a total of $25,000 over the next three months to continue to support the organization’s mission.

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