Julia Fox Fires Back on Kim Kardashian Copycat Comparisons from Breastplate Photos

Julia Fox is speaking out on the media’s comparisons between her and Kim Kardashian’s style.

The “Uncut Gems” actress took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, sharing a Page Six article comparing one of her recently posted outfits to Kardashian’s. The article tied her blue leggings and molded The Jacque Label breastplate, previously shared on Stories, to Kardashian’s Studio Silius breastplates worn while promoting her KKW Fragrance Opals collection in November 2021.

Fox, however, shared a screen shot the article on her own social media, clapping back towards the outlet’s reporting—as her ensemble was shared as a Halloween throwback.

Julia Fox, Kim Kardashian, Page Six, The Jacque Label, breastplate, personal style
Julia Fox responds to “Page Six” article on Instagram Stories on February 1, 2022.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Instagram

“FYI I wore this on Halloween 2021 and I was supposed to be a slutty Smurf,” Fox captioned the image, additionally tagging Jacque as the designer. “I forgot to post it.”

However, the look wouldn’t be the first Fox has worn that’s drawn Kardashian similarities—throwback or otherwise. Since undergoing a makeover by boyfriend Kanye West at the start of the year, Fox has been spotted in a range of outfits that have born similarities to Kardashian’s. Many of her recent outfits have been monochromatic or featured heeled boot pants—similarly to Kardashian’s now-signature Balenciaga outfits. On a date night with West, Fox even wore the same mirrored Balenciaga thigh-high boots that Kardashian wore in 2016.

Julia Fox, Kanye West, Rick Owens, Balenciaga, red dress, leather dress, mirror boots, thigh-high boots, pointed-toe boots, silver boots, stiletto boots, Kim Kardashian, 2016, Paris
Julia Fox leaves for dinner with Kanye West in Paris on January 23, 2022.

West has gained a reputation for influencing or changing his current dates’ style over the years—even going as far as to purge their wardrobes and purchase brand-new ones, a la Kardashian. Though West’s own aesthetic has shifted, the formula of looks he dresses girlfriends in remains the same: a deep dive into sleek formalwear, as well as trend-defining pieces like statement gowns, shapewear and bodysuits. The rapper also highlights brands of the moment in the wardrobes of the women he dates, like Kardashian—who frequently wore defining 2010’s labels Balmain, Givenchy and Balenciaga pieces while dating and marrying West.

Julia Fox, Kanye West, Balenciaga, black coat, leather coat, boots, black boots, pointed-toe boots, pants, thong, New York City
Julia Fox leaves Carbone with Kanye West in New York City on January 4, 2021.
CREDIT: SplashNews.com

Similarly, Fox has worn gifted clothing from Balenciaga and Diesel, as well as new and custom Schiaparelli pieces, in recent weeks. The “Forbidden Fruits” podcast host’s wardrobe overhaul took place on their second date at Carbone in New York City in the first week of January. While leaving the restaurant, Fox was spotted in one of her new outfits that’s indicated her current sleek style: a black top and pointed-toe boots, paired with matching Miaou thong-strap pants and a leather coat and handbag by Balenciaga.

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