Here’s How Nicholas Kirkwood Remade One of His Classic Shoes for Metaverse Fashion Week

Fashion houses are lining up for Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, eager to show their metaversal works.

The event runs through Sunday, and one of the big shoe highlights is Nicholas Kirkwood’s collaboration with White Rabbit.

In Decentraland, the collab will offer non-NFT wearables during Fashion Week, drop the NFTs for sale at OpenSea and follow it up with augmented reality lenses for social media.

The reach ensures people can experience the White Rabbit shoes on whatever platform they prefer, with no issues like fit or sizing to worry about.

“I’ve done many real-life presentations for products during the physical fashion weeks, and obviously that’s a whole different sort of experience,” Kirkwood said. “And you still try to make an immersive experience, in one way, but you’re still limited by things as banal as gravity or size restrictions.”

The designer took one of his “classic styles” and evolved it with more of a cartoony feel and youthful silhouette, then cast it in five variants or colorways. “It was kind of inspired by light refraction…elements I played a lot with. But now, I can give it a whole new sort of spin,” he explained.

The White Rabbit will wear the shoes at Kirkwood’s Decentraland pop-up shop. Guests can indulge in the experiential, interactive game-like environment and pick up the wearable there, or pick up the NFT at OpenSea. Ten days later, the duo plan to release an AR version for platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

And that’s just the beginning.

“We have an extended collection that is going to come with it — we have an art collection that is going to combine the White Rabbit and the shoe designed by Nicholas, and also we have a shoe collection that’s going to be on the Dematerialised [Web3 marketplace],” said James Tseng, the creative director and artist behind White Rabbit, an NFT project featuring a series of hip bunnies by Web3 company Gate. “So we have fashion week, and then we’re going to keep rolling those collections out.”

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