NBA Star Tyler Herro’s Sleeveless Postgame Outfit Ignited a Flex Contest With Bam Adebayo at Miami Heat Press Conference

Tyler Herro and Edrice Femi “Bam” Adebayo joined each other for a postgame interview and had a laugh over Herro’s striking outfit.

The Miami Heat teammates sat on an after-game panel yesterday, with Herro filing in after Adebayo to the surprise of his teammate and the press. The star gave Adebayo and members of the media a chuckle as he sat beside Herro, wearing an interesting ensemble. This interview comes after the Heat’s victory against the Boston Celtics 107-118 on Tuesday.

Herro’s outfits have always been a hot topic for a while now for eye-catching looks he’s worn in the past. Herro was dressed last night in a tan sleeveless suede brown vest with a black zipper and silver hardware. The basketball star showed off his arms, prompting Adebayo to playfully do the same, rolling up his sleeves.

Herro wore a red snapback with white lettering and black sunglasses. Adebayo wore a red T-shirt and gold chains, keeping things simple for the post-game pow wow.

The teammates spoke about their performances during the match, laughing and goofing off with one another all the while, eliciting laughter from the crowd of reporters before them.

Herro’s crazy-cool style has cemented him as a style influencer in the NBA, along with the likes of Dennis Rodman, Allen Iverson, and Russell Westbrook.

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