Princess Beatrice Looks Royally Blue in Pleated Dress and Gray Pointy Pumps at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving

Princess Beatrice was spotted at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London today to attend the National Service of Thanksgiving. Queen Elizabeth’s family has gathered for a special service as a part of the weekend-long festivities in honor of the monarch’s 70-year reign.

In her all-blue ensemble, Princess Beatrice made waves as the color made her stand out immensely— the warmth of this blue bringing a different dynamic to the event.

Princess Beatrice wore a maxi royal blue long-sleeve dress with a sophisticated mock neck that was enclosed by white buttons. The garment sinched around her waist by a blue belt, as the rest of the fabric flared, circling around her ankles. The way the garment was constructed held small but very sufficient details as the front of the dress had two pleats that brought a more picturesque look. Along with the slightly puffed shoulders, that enwrapped into the sleeve, buttons gracing the sides. All around it was a dress that spoke volumes with very quaint details.

Photo by: KGC-03/STAR MAX/IPx 2022 6/3/22 A Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen's reign will be held at St Paul's Cathedral. Great Paul, the largest church bell in the country, will be rung before the Service. The service will include a new Anthem by Judith Weir, Master of The Queen's Music, that sets to music words from the third Chapter of the Book of Proverbs. Here, Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice at the Service of Thanksgiving for The Queen’s reign .

For Princess Beatrice’s accessories, she wore a bowed headpiece that contrasted her honey-brown ponytail — two colors that worked well together. The princess’ headpiece was slightly darker blue than her dress, which was another great choice to embolden this overall look. For jewelry, the princess decided on diamond earrings and left her wrists bare as more simplistic choices for jewelry would be better to spotlight such a wonder of a dress.

For shoes, she wore a pointy-toe pump in the color of a gray with suede material. These pumps worked efficiently with the dress as well because it emphasizes the chosen color palette, keeping everything oceanic.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s unprecedented 70-year reign over the United Kingdom and associated Commonwealths. The Queen is the first British Monarch to achieve a Platinum Jubilee following seven decades of service to the throne, longer than any other British royal in history. The Platinum Jubilee, which runs from June 2 to June 5, is a four-day bank holiday that will include celebrations all over the U.K., including parades, performances, and other public gatherings. 

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