Paris Hilton Embraces Clashing Colors & Bold Patterns In Powerpuff Girls Outfit With Rainbow Socks With Dogs

Paris Hilton channeled her inner Powerpuff Girl in Malibu, Calif., on Wednesday.

The TV star and socialite posed while lounging on the beach, surrounded by her dogs. With her toes in the sand, Hilton captured a picture of her colorful ensemble, posting it to Instagram, the caption reading, “Beautiful day chilling in Malibu with my @HiltonPets. Look inspired by the iconic Rainbow Bride and the Powderpuff Girls.”

Hilton mixed patterns, pairing a colorful Powerpuff Girls cropped zip-up hoodie with a baby pink “Bubbles” tank top. The characters from the cartoon lined each panel of fabric, making for a dizzying but extremely fun print. The tank top featured floral and heart motifs scattered along the cropped shirt in green, blue, and pink.

Hilton wore micro shorts that matched the zip-up, decorated with the same loud pattern. Adding extra color, Hilton paired the crazy clashing patterns with knee-high rainbow socks that she showed off without shoes.

The “Simple Life” star donned a rainbow Louis Vuitton headband and popped on black sunglasses rimmed with orange and yellow stars and was ready to bask in the summer sun the Hilton way.

Although the patterns are bold, the outfit works somehow. The motifs in the patterns are similar and made up of the same bright colors. Each piece of this outfit puzzle was carefully thought out, despite the casual, thrown-together nature it seems to give off.

Hilton is not one to shy away from the eye-catching and bright, often embracing neon hues with geometric shapes and futuristic silhouettes. Here, she tones the color down if only slightly, softening the edge for a girlish flare. This might just be Hilton’s most colorful outfit yet.

Hilton is an entrepreneur. She launched her own footwear line in 2008 and currently owns 19 other product lines that continue to grow.

“I’m about to release my 29th fragrance,” she told FN for her August 2021 cover story, listing off her current operations. “I’m investing in a lot of tech products and VR and NFT and writing my third book and doing my second album. And, I have my podcasting company, my deal with Warner Brothers, my own production company deal and my new show.”

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