Madonna Chicly Eats Quesadillas and Sips Wine in Balenciaga Windbreaker and Pointed-Toe Boots Inside Her Bathtub

In “Material Girl” fashion, Madonna posted a video compilation of pictures of herself sitting in her bathtub, sipping white wine, and grazing a plate of quesadillas on her Instagram today. She did all of that while dressed in Balenciaga.

Although not exactly bathtub attire, Madonna’s impeccable ensemble consisted of a purple, black, and white windbreaker sporting the Balenciaga logo. The pop star posed in highly distressed light wash baggy denim jeans which she paired with her usual fingerless black gloves. Madonna further accessorized with futuristic white and silver shades and a plethora of gold and silver chains and bracelets stacked atop one another for that more maximalist look.

The street-style-inspired bathtub ensemble wasn’t complete without a pair of killer shoes. Opting out of her usual chunky black combats, the mom of six switched things up for sharp black patent leather boots with long pointed-toes.

The shoes, while not uncommon in color and style, featured an interesting elongated silhouette with sharp edges that eluded to a futuristic, almost avant-garde way of dressing that both Madonna and Balenciaga are known for.

A muse for designers including Christian Louboutin, the “Material Girl” singer often wears peep-toe and platform pumps on the red carpet — as well as daring over-the-knee boots. The performer’s on-stage outfits usually feature boots with shorter heels in knee-high or over-the-knee silhouettes. When off duty, the singer usually wears flatter-soled leather boots, as well as Nike and Puma sneakers.

While celebrating her son David Banda’s 17th birthday only a few days ago, Madonna wore a plaid blue long-sleeve button down over a black lace bodysuit, which she flashed to the camera at one point. For bottoms, Madonna wore light-blue oversized gym shorts and donned black fingerless gloves. Her shoes were not visible.

PHOTO: See Madonna’s style evolution.

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