Lady Gaga Reaches Intimidating Heights in 9-Inch Pleaser Heels for TikTok

Lady Gaga knows better than anyone how to take a look to new heights.

The singer and Oscar-winning actress shared a new video to her TikTok account that sees her exiting a private jet while serving a fierce catwalk in towering platform stilettos and wearing a glamorous punk rock outfit.


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The video is set to a viral TikTok audio where a woman says, “I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be iconic, ” before transitioning to a remix of Doja Cat’s “Tia Tamera”. Gaga is wearing a black sheer slick dress with metallic embroidery that resembles the shape of a human skeleton. The dress has a black tule jacket with oversized puffy shoulders attached to it, adding to the drama.

Gaga accessorized with large hoop earrings covered in crystals and a matching crystal hand chain. For beauty, the singer went with a just as dramatic look, with a bold smokey eye with thick eyeliner.

The “Rain On Me” singer is a hardcore fan of 9-Inch pleasers that beckon back to her “Born This Way” era of fashion. Gaga, who is currently traveling the world with her Chromatica Ball Tour, was seen wearing a white version of the shoes at the beginning of August in New York City.

When it comes to Gaga’s personal style, it’s very fashion-forward, and she tends to dabble in brands like Versace, Valentino and Marc Jacobs. On the footwear front, she tends to wear an eye-catching heel in the form of sandals, boots, and of course, platform heels that defy gravity. Her red carpet looks are some of the most talked-about moments in pop culture and fashion.

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