Kate Beckinsale Gets Stylishly Festive in Feline Ears, Distressed Micro Shorts & Height-Boosting Boots for Her Cat’s Birthday

Kate Beckinsale shared on her feed a wholesome video sharing a birthday celebration for her pet Myf and International Cat Day.

The actress wore a festival look, including a pair of black cat ears with a ponytail to the back styled in a ’60s-inspired bump. The curls behind her flipped. The front of her hair was also bumped, giving volume to the headband.

For her jewelry, she wore essential medium-sized hoop earrings to go with her shimmery makeup.

She wore an oversized beige cardigan over her white T-shirt. The sleeves of the sweater were rolled up around her elbows. There were burgundy stripes over the front of the cardigan that expanded onto the sleeves in a stylish but still casual form.

Just like fur, the sweater optimizes comfort and provides warmth. Her T-shirt was primarily covered by her pet, but there were accents of red seen to show that she was wearing a contrasting graphic tee.

To go along with her upper garments, the “Underworld” actress wore a pair of light denim cutoff shorts. The hems of the shorts were distressed as the fringe laid over her skin with edge and style.

Sweaters and shorts have always been their own peculiar duo as they work for two different types of seasons, but she demonstrated a striking way to coordinate the pieces.

It wouldn’t be Beckinsale if she weren’t wearing her rocker platform boots. This choice of footwear has been her companion for a while, as she’s worn them with many of her latest outfits. The lace-up platform boots with the thick sole and strong heel add an immense amount of edge to any outfit.

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